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November 2016

  • Craft beer brewing in Manitoba. Could craft beer be the next industry to boom in Manitoba? Small, local breweries are opening their doors after changes in Manitoba’s legislation made it easier to manufacture and distribute alcohol.
  • Better health starts in the stomach. Learn how a Manitoba company is harnessing prebiotics to improve gut health in people and pets.
  • Canadian milk is guaranteed goodness. Manitoba dairy farmers are involved in a new national initiative to help show consumers the milk they drink is from healthy animals on farms that follow excellent practices. 


October 2016

  • Manitoba’s new king of burgers. Thanks to a new type of burger technology, a Winnipeg-based company has increased production of its homemade-style patties to meet customer demands.
  • Tossing a new tasty pizza crust. A local pizza business is using a pinto-buckwheat flour blend in gluten-free dough to create a delicious pizza alternative for customers who are diagnosed with celiac disease or have intolerances to wheat and gluten.
  • Continuing to graze in Manitoba. Manitoba’s community pastures will continue to be places for young, new and small-scale producers to graze their cattle, thanks to a producer-led program.

January 2016

 December 2015

Growing News 2016 Special Edition

November 2015

  • Leading the market in hemp. A new facility and equipment for a rural business is the first step in becoming a food processing leader.
  • Winter cattle on the move. Extensive wintering of livestock is a Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) offered through Growing Forward 2. This BMP can help the environment and farm.
  • Pass the pasta in Winkler. A little automation might go a long way to getting more Manitobans eating pasta made in Winkler.

October 2015

June 2015

  • Soy crush plant would benefit Manitoba, feasibility study shows. A feasibility study has brought the concept of a soybean crush facility in Manitoba one step closer to reality. Based on extensive analysis, study authors have determined that Manitoba has sufficient soybean acreage, production, and market demand to support a soybean crush facility in the province.
  • Granny's new software to boost efficiency, effectiveness and profits. Internationally recognized and fully integrated software is now helping to improve the communication and organization of data. As of March 31, 2015 Granny’s Poultry Cooperative Ltd. began operating on MTECH software, which combines live and historical data from the hatchery, onfarm and production into one shared source.
  • Packaging company has a wrap on food safety. Color Ad Packaging can now expand their business to larger customers after achieving the highest level of food safety packaging certification.

May 2015

April 2015

  • Platform to Boost Manitoba Beef and Forage Sectors. This new public private initiative, in collaboration with Manitoba Beef Producers, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association, is bringing together producers, scientists, natural resource associations, extension providers and the private sector to develop ways to address economic, environmental and social sustainability matters.
  • Working Hard to Keep Hogs Healthy and the Province Free of PEDv. Manitoba Pork Council and MAFRD are working to keep hogs healthy and the province free of PEDv. The program was launched in February 2014 as a response to the PEDv cases reported in Ontario and areas of the United States to which Manitoba transports a large number of pigs every week.
  • Remote Farm Takes on Upgrades for Health and Safety of Animals. Suncrest Colony takes on upgrades for health and safety of animals. New technology is being installed to improve the health and safety of the farm's broiler breeder chickens.
  • Enhanced HACCP Program Helps Meat Processor Grow Nationally. Country Meat and Sausage is implementing a comprehensive food safety program in order to build its business with national grocery chains and expand production.
  • Beekeepers Keeping Healthier Hives. Manitoba's honey bee producers can now better identify diseases in their hives with help from information workshops and biosecurity tools and strategies.

February 2015

January 2015

 Growing News 2015 Special Edition


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October 2014

  • Strict Biosecurity Good for Animals and Good For Business. It can be easy to forget how important biosecurity is until there is a problem, and at that point it is often too late.  Farmers who don't take steps now to protect their farms, may find themselves struggling to catch up as biosecurity measures become stricter.
  • Biomass Up-and Coming Fuel Source in Manitoba. Manitobans who currently burn coal for water and space heating may soon have access to an environmentally friendly replacement that they can find in their own backyards.

September 2014

  • Manure Gets New Life as Cow Bedding at One Manitoba Farm. Rosser, Manitoba's henry Holtmann is testing a new system that composts manure solids so they can be reused as bedding for his dairy cows.
  • Education Key to Future of Manitoba Beekeepers.  The winter of 2013-2014 was a challenging one for Manitoba's honeybees.  Nearly one quarter of them died according to a recent report released by the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists (CAPA).
  • Ag Societies for Focus on Growing Leadership Capacity. Sometimes what an organization needs is an opportunity to reflect on where they've been and where they're going.  That's exactly what the Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies (MAAS) did recently.  It has led to a renewed sense of purpose and vision that will spill over into Manitoba communities.

August 2014

July 2014

  • Hops Farms Brewing in ManitobaVineyards and locally produced wine are a big industry in southern British Columbia and Ontario. Could the same care, dedication and market be developed for beer right here in MB.
  • Hemp an Up-and-Coming Crop in Manitoba. Hemp is a relatively small crop in Manitoba, but it is expected to nearly double in size this year – from 14,732 acres planted in 2013 to approximately 25,000 acres in 2014.
  • Manitoba's Research Champions. Manitoba hemp and soybean farmers may not realize the role that diversification centres played in expanding the crops' popularity. Manitoba is home to four diversification centres which promote agricultural innovation across the province.
  • New Guidebook Makes Sow Group Housing Easier.  Pork producers have a new tool to help them explore their options for sow group housing. 

June 2014

May 2014

March 2014 

  • Take Action to Preserve Environment for Future. The value of a farm can be measured in part by what it can produce in the future. Managing the land well and paying attention to the health of its water, soil and other natural resources will help it stay productive. 

February 2014 

  • Biosecurity on the Farm and Must for Prairie Farmers. A farmer’s best defence against the devastating impact of a disease outbreak is to set up solid biosecurity measures in advance. Limiting who and what comes in contact with their animals is every farmer’s responsibility and the responsibility of everyone who visits the property.