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Growing Assurance 

Growing Assurance builds strong foundations by advancing assessment, adoption and implementation of environmental, food safety, animal welfare, plant and animal health, biosecurity and traceability systems and activities that support national initiatives, as well as conserve and enhance ecological goods and services on the agricultural landscape.  

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental sustainability includes taking actions to reduce negative effects on the environment and farming operations. Improving environmental sustainability creates a valuable legacy for the next farming generation by protecting our resources and continuing to improve sustainability through practices that help:

  • conserve soil
  • protect water quality
  • reduce odour and greenhouse gas emissions
  • increase farm productivity and profitability 

The Growing Assurance program contains four streams that address environmental sustainability: Farmland Beaver Damage Control, Environmental Farm Plans, Best Management Practices and Ecological Goods and Services. 

Farmland Beaver Damage Control

When nuisance beavers on agricultural land cause problems such as flooding or damage, this program provides funding for beaver removal, pond levelers, beaver deceivers and dam removal.

How to apply for Growing Assurance-Farmland Beaver Damage Control

Environmental Farm Plans

The adoption of environmental farm planning enhances Canada's reputation as a supplier of safe, high-quality foods produced in an environmentally responsible way.

Producers will continue to receive support to develop and update Environmental Farm Plans (EFP) under the Growing Assurance program. EFPs must be renewed every five years to remain valid and to be eligible to apply for financial assistance in adopting beneficial management practices (BMP).

If you do not have a Statement of Completion, or need to renew your Statement of Completion, contact your local Manitoba Agriculture GO Office to register for an EFP workshop. 

Beneficial Management Practices

Growing Assurance - Environment helps farmers improve the environmental sustainability of their operations with funds for specific beneficial management practices (BMPs) that support the Manitoba government's strategy to reduce the risk of nutrient loss to water.

Cost shared funding is available to producers to help implement the following specific eligible BMPs identified in their EFP action plan:

  • increased manure storage capacity
  • improved manure storage (repair)
  • manure treatment
  • farmyard runoff control
  • relocation of livestock confinement
  • extensive wintering of livestock

 How to apply for Growing Assurance - Environment. 

Ecological Goods and Services

 Ecological Goods and Services (EG&S) are the positive environmental benefits that Canadians get from healthy ecosystems, including clean water and air, and enhanced biodiversity. Manitoba is strongly committed to the continued development of provincial sustainable development and EG&S initiatives.

Growing Assurance - EG&S provides financial assistance to local Conservation Districts to work with producers to implement beneficial management practices (BMPs) on farms to conserve and enhance EG&S on the agricultural landscape. BMP categories include:

  • water retention structures
  • wetland restoration
  • constructed wetlands
  • riparian area enhancement
  • natural area maintenance and enhancement
  • buffer and grassed waterway establishment
  • perennial cover for sensitive land
  • shelterbelt/tree establishment

How to apply for Growing Assurance - EG&S

Food Safety Initiatives

Food safety is everyone’s responsibility. Enhanced food safety practices help to manage potential risks that may occur. Maintaining plant and animal health, food safety at all points in the food chain, biosecurity and traceability support Manitoba’s sustainable agriculture industry. Reliable food safety:
  • improves consumer confidence
  • increases market access
  • enhances product quality and consistency
  • reduces waste 
Growing Assurance contains two streams that address the safety of our food: On-Farm and Processing and Distribution. 

Food Safety On-Farm

Food safety begins on the farm. Reducing food safety risks is crucial to individual producers and the industry as a whole. Growing Assurance will assist producers in adopting food safety assurance systems on their farm operation.
How to apply for Growing Assurance - Food Safety On-Farm

Due to an overwhelming response, this program is fully subscribed and will not be accepting applications at this time.  If you have any questions or are interested in being contacted if further funding becomes available, please send your inquiry to the following email address

Food Safety Processing and Distribution

Food safety practices are becoming an important competitive advantage for food processors. Manitoba companies big and small are adopting recognized, certifiable programs that build trust and confidence in the marketplace. Growing Assurance-Food Safety Processing and Distribution helps advance the implementation of best management practices in food safety.

How to apply for Growing Assurance - Food Safety Processing and Distribution

Due to an overwhelming response, this program is fully subscribed and will not be accepting applications at this time.  If you have any questions or are interested in being contacted if further funding becomes available, please send your inquiry to the following email address