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Environment & Healthy Living

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To Access Manuals on line:  At the end of the description of each manual are the words Member and Leader or Manual- you can access the manual by clicking the appropriate word. *Please note that not all manuals are available on line at this time - they will be added as they become available.

NOTE: The Showcase Challenge and Portfolio Page of the Member manuals are fillable/printable forms - these pages can be filled out on line then printed for completion.


Members (ages 6 & 7) may choose the Cloverbud project, which gives an introduction to 4-H through age appropriate Skill Builders.  Members can sample project options available in 4-H and learn what being a 4-H member is all about.

Member (PDF 6.34 MB)
Leader (PDF 3.59 MB)


Cloverbud 2.0 

Members (ages 7 &8) can choose the Cloverbud 2.0 project to build on what was learned in the Cloverbud project.  New activities to introduce 4-H through age appropriate Skill Builders.  

  • Member (PDF 6.07 MB)
  • Leader (PDF 2.68 MB)                                                     

Adventure into 4-H

First year 4-H'ers (8-9 years of age) may choose this project to explore project topics available in 4-H.  Similar to the Cloverbud project, members adventure into 4-H by choosing six Skill Builders to complete their project.
Member (PDF 5.18 MB)
Leader (PDF 9.23 MB)


Discover Pick-a-Topic

Do you have a topic that you want to explore but there is no 4-H project on it? No problem  -  you can do it through Pick-A-Topic.  If you are at least 10 years of age, have taken at least two 4-H projects and have a project idea that is not available in the current 4-H projects offered, try Pick-a-Topic.  This project can be taken as a group or as an individual. You plan your own project, do it, keep records and evaluate how you think you have done.  Check it out  -  it may be just the right project for you! (Member manual only)

Member (PDF 1.67 MB)

Growing Things


Explore Gardening

Beginning gardeners will learn about the parts & needs of plants.  Grow a variety of plants; enjoy the flower and harvest fruits or veggies.  This hands-on project can be completed during the winter months.

Member (PDF 3.28 MB)
Leader (PDF 10.7 MB)

Discover Outdoor Gardening

More advanced gardeners will enjoy the fruits of their labour in a vegetable garden.  Members will care for a garden from seeds or seedlings to harvest while facing natural challenges.  It is intended that this project will be completed over the summer months.

Member (PDF 2.47 MB)
Leader (PDF 10.5 MB)

Discover the Science of Plants

Members will learn about the finer details of plant germination and growth.  Comparison of plant features is the main focus of this plant science-based project.

Member (PDF 3.33 MB)

Leader  (PDF 11.6 MB)


Discover Growing Things - Pick-a-Topic

This project allows you to learn a gardening skill that isn't covered in the Growing Things series such as Community Supported Agriculture Farms, composting, landscaping, or giant vegetable growing.

Member (PDF 1.38 MB)

Field Crops - Levels 1, 2 & 3

Each of the Field Crops levels looks at soil, tillage, equipment, fertilizer, seed, weeds, chemicals, insects and disease, along with the harvesting and marketing of a crop.  Every member will have a chance to grow up to 2 hectares of a field or special crops choosing from cereals, oilseeds, pulses, forages, market garden, fruit, herbs or spices.


4-H Food Series

Explore Foods

This project covers the basics; reading a recipe, measuring, food safety, healthy eating and where our food comes from.  Easy recipes to try will give members lots of snacking opportunities while doing the fun foods activities.

Member (PDF 2.54 MB)
Leader (PDF 5.79 MB)


Discover Foods - Pizza

Find out how pizza really covers all the categories in Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating, not to mention an excellent choice to sample plenty of food products produced right here in Manitoba!  Comparing crusts, sauces, vegetables, cheeses and meats will give members lots of hands on and tasting experiences while building on their recipe selection and food preparation skills.

Member (PDF 2.31 MB)
Leader (PDF 4.67 MB)

Discover Foods - Snacking Sense

For the busy 4-H’ers who want to learn more about how to choose snacks that taste good and are healthy, too.  Snacking Sense activities will explore the hidden fat in snack foods, reading labels and how to boost the nutrients in your snacks to make every one count!

Member (PDF 1.88 MB)
Leader (PDF 5.93 MB)

Discover Science in the Kitchen

This project is suitable for members with some knowledge of working in the kitchen.  Members will learn that science is active in the kitchen as they observe ingredients interacting and experiment with cooking methods.  Members choose six Skill Builders to discover delicious combinations of science and food.
Member (PDF 2.05 MB)
 •Leader - (PDF 18.1 MB)
Discover Foods - Breads
This project discovers the variety, history and future opportunities for bread and bread products. Compare the nutritional value of whole grain bread, discover the role of preservatives and explore opportunities for making money and potential jobs.

Member (PDF 2.57 MB)
Leader (PDF 4.53 MB)
Discover Foods - Cake Decorating (4-H Saskatchewan)
This project helps members discover the basics of baking cakes, planning cake designs and decorating. In addition to practicing a wide variety of icing techniques, members will learn about storing and transporting their cake and cupcake creations.
Member/Leader (PDF  3.36 MB)

Discover Foods - Pick-a-Topic

This project allows you to learn a food skill or topic that isn’t covered in the Foods Series such as: outdoor cooking, grilling, new cooking techniques or ethnic cooking. Your project is only limited by your imagination and the time you wish to spend. This project will guide you through a planning process that will help you pick a topic that interests you and set goals for your project year.
Member (PDF 1.42 MB)
Discover Home Food Preservation - Jams & Jellies
This project is suitable for members with some knowledge of working in the kitchen.  Learn about home food preservation by making four types of jams & jellies.  Explore the different forms of pectin, learn to do a boiling water bath and make freezer jam.

 Member/Leader (PDF 2.26 MB)


Discover Home Food Preservation- Canning & Freezing
This project is suitable for members with some knowlege of working in the kitchen.  Members will learn about canning and freezing fruits and vegetables.
 Member/Leader (PDF 2.51 MB) 


Master Foods - Breads

Building on the discover projects skills, this project delves into the variety, history and future opportunities for bread & bread products.  By learning a variety of techniques and types of breads (crackers, quick breads, batter breads, festive breads), members will understand more about how to make breads as well as how important the industry is to agriculture in Canada.  What does it take to move a food product from home to the marketplace?  Find out in this exciting project.

Member (PDF 2.03 MB)
Leader (PDF 5.38 MB)



Junior Dairy

8 to 11 year old beginning dairy members learn about the care, selection and feeding of a calf. Members show a dairy calf.

Intermediate Dairy

12 to 14 year old dairy members expand on what they have learned in their previous year.  Members show a dairy calf and may show a heifer or dairy cow if they wish.

Senior Dairy

More experienced dairy members explore selection, nutrition and housing of dairy animals.  All aspects of dairy cow management are covered, including breeding, calving, health, milk production and facilities.  Members show a dairy calf and may show a heifer or dairy cow if they wish.


Discover Sheep (4-H Ontario)

In this project members will learn about health, nutrition, breeding, lambing, selection, housing, transportation, marketing, and animal welfare.  Showmanship and judging will be covered too.  This proejct is designed to be covered over more than one year - and can be done with market or breeding animals.


Beef Series


Beef Series Resources (PDF 276 KB)

Cloverbud Beef

For six to eight year old members, this project looks at the basics of selection, health, facilities, nutrition and handling of a small calf.  Members are encouraged to use a calf born between January and March of the current year.


Explore Beef - Building Beef Skills

For eight to nine year old members, this project builds on the skills presented in Cloverbud Beef, and also looks at the basics of judging.  Members may use a either a current year calf, or a yearling steer or heifer.

Discover Beef 1 - Buying Into Beef

For nine to ten year old members, this proejct includes information on reproduction,  judging, and carcass evaluation, as well more detailed information on caring for, feeding and handling beef animals.  Members may use a yearling heifer, steer or continuation heifer for their project material.

Discover Beef 2 - Quality Beef From A Quality 4-H Proejct

For ten to eleven year old members this project introduces the important link between producers and consumers and quality product. 

 Discover Beef 3 - 4-H Beef Making The Grade

For twelve to thirteen year olds this project increases knowledge of producing high quality beef.  Topics include animal welfare, and environmental concerns.

Master Beef 1 - "Meating" The Challenge Of Raising Beef

For thirteen to fourteen year olds this proejct looks at quality care, along with current beef issues, marketing and various beef operations.

Master Beef 2 - Pick Your Topic

For members who are fifteen years of age and older, this project offers lots of choice.  In addition to advanced record keeping and ration development, members can choose their own topic related to the beef industry to increase their experience knowledge and understanding.



Equine Series


Explore Horses 

Levels 1, 2, and 3 are in separate manuals. 
Aimed at members ages 6 - 12. These manuals cover the basics of horse safety, groundwork, grooming, psychology, health, identification and riding. Older members may challenge the checklists at the end of each level to move on to Discovering Equine and Mastering Equine levels.

Level 1

Member (PDF 4.32 MB)
Leader (PDF 2.67 MB)

 Level 2

Member (PDF 3.17 MB)
Leader (PDF 2.5 MB)


Level 3

Member (PDF 4.2 MB)
Leader (PDF 2.74 MB)

Explore Horses 1-3 Resource

Resource Manual (PDF 6.71 MB)

Discover Equine - Horsemanship 4

Building on skills learned in Exploring Horses, this manual is aimed at members ages 12 and up, and covers in more detail the skill areas learnt in Exploring Horses. Members are encouraged to complete this level before moving on to Discovering Equine - Horsemanship 5.

Member (PDF 5.01 MB)
Leader (PDF 5.82 MB)


Discover Equine - Horsemanship 5

Building on skills learned in Exploring Horses and Horsemanship 4, this manual is aimed at members ages 12 and up and is a continuation of Discovering Equine - Horsemanship 4.

Member (PDF 3.53 MB)
Leader (PDF 7.24 MB)

Discover Equine - Time To Specialize 

Aimed at members age 12 and up. Mem-bers will have the opportunity to choose from six areas of specialization - dressage, jumping, reining, rodeo, cattle events, and ranch horse. A short resource manual for each of these topics is available.
Member (PDF 1.32 MB)

Master Equine - Advanced Horsemanship

Designed for members ages 14 and up, this level covers the highest horse management skills in safety, groundwork, grooming, psychology, health, identification and riding. members will learn more about importance of conformation and how to judge.

Member (PDF 5.76 MB)
Leader (PDF 1.51 MB)


Master Equine - Pick Your Specialization

Offers members a chance to go beyond what is offered in the other units. Members age 14 years and older can design their own equine related project that includes their own goals and interests. Membrs may choose to focus on such sthings as bridles, training a young horse, cross country jumping, draft horses, driving, farrier work, verterinary studies or futher their knowledge of a particular riding or equine related skill. The possibilities are endless! Think outside the box!

Member (PDF 1.43 MB)

Equine Resources

Discovering Equine 4 & 5 (PDF 11359 KB)
Dismounted Skills Chart (PDF 1077 KB)


Small Animals

Explore Small Animals

This project is for the 6-8 year old 4-H member. The member maychoose any type of small animal to learn about and care for in this project. Learnabout the basic responsibilities of being asmall animal owner. No animal is required.



Discover Small Animals

A more in-depth look at small animal ownership. Recommended for 7-11 year olds.

Discover Small Animals -Time To Specialize Companion Animal

In this project you have several choices. You may chose from nine fact sheet topics: aquarium fish, small birds, cats, amphibians, lizards, gerbils, hamsters, mice and rats, rabbits or snakes. There are more extensive resources available for canine and cavey projects.
  • Manual (PDF 1.21 MB)
  •  Factsheets

Amphibians (PDF 475 KB)   Aquarium Fish (PDF 603 KB)   Birds (PDF 526 KB)  Cats (PDF 724 KB)

Chameleons (PDF 929 KB)   Gerbils (PDF 391 KB)  Hamsters (PDF 486 KB)  Mice and Rats (PDF 629 KB)

Rabbits (PDF 752 KB) Snakes (PDF 365 KB)



Discover Small  Animals -Time  To Specialize  Small Livestock

 In this project you may chose from four small animal species. You will be focusing on raising small animals that require a premises identification number such as poultry, rabbits for
meat production, goats, or llamas. This project is designed to be covered over more than one year—and can be done with market or breeding animals.

Master Small Animals -Pick-A-Topic

In this project you may chose to study any small animal related project, whether with a companion animal or small livestock, that interests you. Keep in mind that you will need to find your own resource material and seek out mentors to help you during the year.
(recommended for older members)


Money & More

Explore your Money

Members will learn about their money in this hands-on project.  Identify needs, wants, income and expenses to save wisely for short and long-term spending goals.  Visiting a financial institution, simulations and family budget scenarios making learning about money fun!

Discover Earning Money

Members will prepare for and may start a first job.  Learn about searching for a job, resume writing, interview prep, pay statments, & being a good employee.  Discover how to safely save and spend hard earned cash.

Master Living on your Own

Members will prepare for their future lifestyle .  This project is beneficial to members who plan to attend post-secondary education and to those who will begin a full-time job.  Members will build a budget, including housing, food and transportation, and more.  Learning about loans, debt, and time management will help members become ready to live on their own.

Master Starting a Business

In entrepreneurship in the future?  This project will help members start a small business.  Member will learn about becoming an entrepreneur, researching the market, advertising, and the financial aspects of becoming a businessperson.  When it's ready, launch the business!  A mentor will help lead young entrepreneurs along the path to success.




Manitoba Envirothon


An exciting project option for 4-H members of high school age! 4-H members can receive credit for 4-H project completion by participating on an Envirothon team.  They may register as a member of an existing Envirothon team in their school or creat their own team of eligible 4-H members.  For more information on Envirothon, visit their webpage.


4-H Body Works Series


Explore Body Works

This project introduces members to the basics of living healthy lifestyles, taking care of their body and feeling good.  Hands-on activities in five topic areas will give members the basic information needed to advance to the Discover level projects.
Member (PDF 3.01MB)
 •Leader (PDF 7.4 MB)

Discover Body Works - Your Look

Members will learn more about body image, self esteem and basic care for the body.  Body shape, trends, colour and personal styles and how they are expressed are new topics introduced in this project.
Member (PDF 2.03 MB)
 •Leader (PDF 5.22 MB)

Discover Body Works - Fitness

This project looks at sports nutrition, training and work-out plans and community fitness.  Activities are suitable for all members, regardless of current activity or fitness level

Member (PDF 2.12 MB)
Leader (PDF 5.30 MB)


Discover Body Works - Bicycling (4-H Saskatchewan)

Get outdoors and active with the bicycling project.  Members will have plently of opportunities to practice their cycling skills, while learning about cycling safety and the mechanics of their bike.  Activities include; bike maintenance, mapping bike routes, designing a bicycle and organizing a group ride and bike rodeo.
Member (PDF 4.48 MB)
Leader (PDF 4.24 MB)


Discover Archery (4-H Saskatchewan)

Learn about safety, proper shooting form and equipment tuning.  Members will make their own archery equipment and play target archery games.

Master Body Works - Your Fitness

Members will set a personal fitness goal and using knowledge and skills acquired from the Explore and Discover levels and set a plan (do the necessary research) to achieve their goals.

Member (PDF 2.83 MB)
Leader (PDF 5.89 MB)


4-H Craft Series


Explore Crafts

Members will learn about the elements of design while making fun craft items.  The elements include colour, texture, line and shape.  The final project will help members combine all the elements to come up with a great final product.
Member (PDF 1.47 MB)
 •Leader (PDF 5.61 MB)

Discover Crafts - Scrapbooking

Members will take some of the skills learned in Explore Crafts and use them in creating scrapbooking pages.  Scrapbooking is telling a story with pictures and recording thoughts and ideas as you write or ‘journal’ your  story.
Member (PDF 2.01 MB)
 •Leader (PDF 4.37 MB)

Discover Crafts - Crafts Of The World

Building on Exploring Crafts, members will focus on 4 countries and discover some of the crafts of those countries.
Member (PDF 1.17 MB)
 •Leader (PDF 8.29 MB)

Discover Crafts - My Space (4-H Saskatchewan)

This project will appeal to members who are interested in interior decorating. Topics covered include creating a plan, principles of design, career options and how to decorate on a budget. Members can practice their skills by drawing a floor plan, creating a colour scheme, and choosing furniture, fabrics and accessories.
Member/Leader (PDF 6.1 MB)

Discover Crafts - Pick-a-Topic

This project allows you to learn a Crafts skill or topic that isn’t covered in the Crafts Series such as; knitting, weaving, candle making and pottery. Your project is only limited by your imagination and the time you wish to spend. The manual will guide you through a planning process that will help you pick a craft topic that interests you and set goals for your project year.
Member (PDF 1.48 MB)

Batik Fact Sheet (PDF 440 KB)
Crocheting Fact Sheet (PDF 544 KB)
Knitting Fact Sheet (PDF 571 KB)
Stitchery Fact Sheet (PDF 760 KB)
Tie & Dye Fact Sheet (PDF 779 KB)

Master Crafts - Crafts Of A Culture

Concentrating on the crafts from one country or culture, members will delve further into the methods of making the crafts and the importance of the crafts to the culture from a social economic and historical perspective.
Member (PDF 2.24 MB)
Leader (PDF 4.5 MB)

4-H Fibres and Fabrics

Explore Fibres & Fabrics

Members will learn the basics of sewing with emphasis on short simple machine sewn projects.  Topics include getting to know the sewing machine, learning about fibres and fabrics, sewing buttons, zippers, hook and loop tape and a casing.  Sewing Pajama Pants will complete the project.  Project ideas and instructions are included in the leader’s manual.
Member (PDF 8.7 MB)
Leader (PDF 18.2 MB)


Discover Fibres & Fabrics - Sewing Tops & Bottoms

In addition to learning more machine sewing skills members will learn about specialty fabrics, interfacing, sewing machine needles, pressing tools and clothing care.  Using a commercial pattern, members will sew a shirt / top and pants / skirt /shorts using their new sewing techniques .
Member (PDF 2.9 MB)
Leader (PDF 2.85 MB)


Discover Fibres & Fabrics - Rag Time Patchwork Quilt

Members will learn basic quilting skills by designing their own rag time quilt.  These skills include working with fabrics and batting, quilting tools, rotary cutting, patchwork piecing, sewing accurate seams and how to make a Rag Time Quilt.  Its time to get creative!
Member (PDF 3.15 MB)
Leader (PDF 2.91 MB)


Discover Fibres & Fabrics - Pick-A-Topic

If you have completed Exploring Fibres & Fabrics and Discover Fibres & Fabrics then Discover Fibres & Fabrics - Pick-a-project is for you! This project will guide you through a planning process that will help you pick a topic that interests you and set goals for your project year.



Master Fibres & Fabrics - Sewing Green

This project is for the advanced sewer who wishes to experience more creative aspects of clothing.  It looks at how to repurpose, reuse and recycle fabrics into new garments or household items.  Explore fabrics that are good for the environment and look at how sewing skills can be turned into a business venture.
Member (PDF 3.25 MB)
Leader (PDF 4.04 MB)


Environment Series

Explore Energy & the Environment

This project explores energy (sun, wind, water, soil and fossil fuels).  Hands-on activities teach members how energy is created, how energy use can change climate & environment, and how to keep the environment healthy.

Member (PDF 2.98 MB)
Leader (PDF 10.9 MB)

Discover CoCoRaHS - Tracking Precipitation and Weather

Members interested in the weather will learn about precipitation and how it affects their lives.  Rain, hail, tornadoes, and lightening are just some of the topcis covered.  Members will learn about the CoCoRaHS program and how citizen-science can benefit their communities.
Member (PDF 2.16 MB)
Leader (PDF 10.5 MB)

Discover Let's Go Green! (4-H Saskatchewan)

Sustainable living is all about conserving the world's natural resources and protecting our environment.  In this project you will learn what your carbon and ecological footprint is and how to reduce it.  Other topics include energy conservation, water quality, organizing a community project & More.
Member (PDF 3.22 MB)
Leader (PDF 6.16 MB)

Master Caring for our Watersheds

Senior members will complete this project independently or with a partner.  Learn about local watershed issues and provide a realistic solution.  Prepare a written proposal and budget.  Top proposals may be chosen to present to a panel to be eligible for rewards and implementation funds.  Click here to learn more.


Master Environmental Farm Plan

Farmers develop environmental farm plans to identify and create awareness of environmental risks and opportunities on their farm.  This project will give members real-life experiences in learning to assess and develop a practical environmental farm plan that can be used on their farm. 

Member (PDF 2,416KB)

Outdoor Living


Camping And Survival Skills

Ages 9+, provides a series of activities under the topics, Building a Campfire, Making a Shelter, Living in Your Camp, Knots and Knives, Camping and Safety and First Aid.
Manual (PDF 23.3MB)


Fins, Feathers, and Fur

Ages 9+, is a series of activities under the topics, Fish and Fishing, Animals of Our Lands and Birds of a Feather.
Manual (PDF 9.5MB)


The Outdoors - Respect, Renew, Relate

Ages 9+, is a series of activities under the topics of, The Food Chain, Everything Green, Eye on Environment and Understanding Ourselves Through Nature.
Manual (PDF 8.8MB)


Geocaching (4-H Saskatchewan)

Combine the outdoors and technology to enjoy the fun and adven-ture of Geocaching. Along with learning the basics of geocaching and using a GPS, members will learn how to make caches and find hiding spots. There are plenty of opportunities to develop geocaching skills through the More Geocaching! Activities.
Member (PDF 3.40 MB)
Leader (PDF 5.92 MB)



Exploring Woodworking

You will learn basic techniques for common woodworking tools. You will have the opportunity to build different projects including stilts and a paddle-wheel boat. There are six different sections called Skill Builders where a specific topic is focused on. Each Skill Builder has activities that will help you develop your skills.
Member (PDF 3.8 MB)
Leader (PDF 10.6 MB)


Discovering 'Connecting Your Corners'

'Connecting Your Corners' is part of woodworking involving joining together the pieces of wood that create the furniture, structures and many othre items that we see and use every day. Throughout this Discover level, there will be five skill builders where members will learn about different methods of joinery, how best to use them and what they look like.
Member (PDF 2.25 MB)
Leader (PDF 4.6 MB)


Building On

Designed to further develop skills already learned in the first two units, this project introduces the use power tools.  The investigation of ‘joinery’ techniques are also included.  Final projects will be larger and more complex to complete.

Discover Woodworking Pick-A-Topic

Do you have a project idea not covered in the other manuals you would like to explore? This manual will guide the planning process that will help in setting goals for the project year.  Keep in mind you will need to find your own resource material and mentor to help you.


4-H Technology Series


Discover Technology - Digital Cameras

This project is for members who want to learn more about their digital camera and improve the quality of their pictures. Through this project, members will understand the standard operations of their camera as well as basic lighting and picture composition practices.
Member (PDF 3.9 MB)
Leader (PDF 10.6 MB)


Master Technology - Manual Digital Photography

Members who are comfortable with digital photography can take their skills to the next level. This project focuses on digital cameras without using automatic settings, allowing greater control and customization over exposure, lighting and shutter speed with a DSLR camera (which is required for this project).
Member (PDF 3.6 MB)
Leader (PDF 8.3 MB)

4-H Machine Series

Explore Machines

To understand how complex machines like car engines, rockets, and robots work, it is important to understand the basics.  You will learn about the various uses and workings of simple machines, electricity and magnetism through lots of interesting hands on activities.  You’ll even build your very own machine!
Member (PDF 757 KB)
Leader (PDF 1.2 MB)


Discover Machines - Rocketry

In this project you will learn about the basic principles of flight. You will be doing lots of fun hands on activities, such as building hot air balloons, airplanes and rockets. You will use the knowledge about the four basic forces that affect flight and then build rockets. Guaranteed to be a BLAST!
Member (PDF 3.5 MB)
Leader (PDF 8.7 MB)


Discover Machines - Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting

In this project you will learn about the basic equipment, operation, and safety of the oxyacetylene unit. You will also learn how to make basic weld joints and how to use the cutting torch. You will even have the opportunity to create your very own welding project!
Member (PDF 4.4 MB)
Leader (PDF 10.7 MB)


Discover Machines - Small Engines

Engines need care and regular maintenance to ensure they run healthy for a long time. This project provides the background and basics of how small engines work as well as how to maintain them properly. The information in this project will give you practical knowledge on the operation and maintenance of small engines and valuable hands on experience too!
Member (PDF 3 MB)
Leader (PDF 9.6 MB)


Master Machines - Rebuilding Small Engines

In this project members will diagnose part wear and replace worn parts, learn the steps in engine disassembly, reassemble a small engine, change the oil and learn how the lubrication system works, understand how sparkplugs and the ignition system works, learn about the fuel system, troubleshoot a small engine and learn how to store small engines.
Member and Leader (PDF 1.1MB)


4-H Leadership Series

Explore Leadership

This exciting project is all about exploring who you are, how you interact with your world, and how you can use your head, heart, hands, and health to be the best leader possible. You will explore different ideas, play challenging and fun games, experience new activities, and practice and share new skills that will help you become a great leader – whatever your age!
Member (PDF 3.7 MB)
Leader (PDF 7.1 MB)


Discover Leadership - Teams

Teams are everywhere! This super fun project is all about discovering your team skills and learning how you can use your head, heart, hands, and health to be the best team member possible.
Member (PDF 2.6 MB)
Leader (PDF 5.5 MB)


Discover Leadership - My Place in the World

Strong leaders know what they stand for and where they want to go. This project will help you to explore some of the most important questions of your life: what is my mission; where am I going; how can I give to my community; and what roles do I play in this world?
Member (PDF 3.5 MB)
Leader (PDF 6.7 MB)


Discover Leadership - Communications

Effective communication drives all aspects of day-to-day life. Discover the exciting world of communication and learn how being able to communicate allows you to stand out from the crowd, gain confidence, encourage opportunities, be your self and succeed!
Member (PDF 3.3 MB)
Leader (PDF 4.4 MB)

Discover Leadership - Be My Guest (4-H Saskatchewan)

Members who are interested in party planning will enjoy practicing the variety of skills
covered in this project. Theme, invitations, decorations, menu, entertainment, budget, location and hosting etiquette are all topics that members will learn about, while planning their own party.
Member/Leader (PDF 4.8 MB)


Master Leadership - Mastering Leadership Roles

Put your leadership skills into action, contribute to your community, and do your part as a leader in this world. This project encourages members to explore a broad range of leadership roles in the school, community or 4-H setting. It offers lots of flexibility and the opportunity to fit into a busy senior member’s schedule.
Member (PDF 3.2 MB)
Leader (PDF 4.8 MB)


Smart Sitter

Soon-to-be sitters discover what they need to know to become a great babysitter, and what every parent wants in a responsible babysitter.  This project teaches the skills necessary to care for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers, with a strong focus on safety and first aid basics.  Members must be at least 11 years old to take the project and may not receive their certificate prior to their 12th birthday.