Financial Assistance

Ag Action Manitoba Program

Industry Development 

The Industry Development grant helps industry organizations complete non-research projects that improve the competitiveness of the agriculture and agri-processing industry.
Who can apply?
Eligible industry organizations must be actively engaged in representing farmers, agri-food and agri-product processors. Funding is available to associations, commissions, non-profit organizations, boards, and indigenous governments or communities. Funding is also available to individual organizations and to collaborations that include multiple commodity groups, farmers, processors and other agricultural businesses.
When are the application deadlines?
Closed. Applications are not being received at this time.
*PLEASE NOTE: Activities, application intake openings, and deadlines may change.
What do we fund?
We fund projects in the following areas:
  • assurance - environment
  • assurance – food safety and animal health
  • market development
  • public trust
We fund projects related to:
  • development of business management tools
  • development of risk-management tools
  • advancement of science-based expertise and diagnostic excellence
  • promotion of industry partnerships
How much may we fund?
Government support cannot exceed 50 per cent of eligible expenses. There is no funding cap.
Making an Application:

Additional Information:

  • Once a decision on an application has been made, the applicant will receive a decision notification letter.
  • Projects will be assessed based on the following:
    •  Alignment with strategic goals and objectives of Manitoba Agriculture and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)
    • A financial risk assessment
    • A delivery risk assessment
    • Client experience and project management
    • Performance deliverables
  • Successful applicants may be required to enter into a contribution agreement with the Manitoba government before any funding is provided. The agreement lists the rights and responsibilities of all parties with respect to government funding.  
  • Submitted invoices must be from applicants to be eligible for funding.
  • Reports and itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payments will be required to make a claim.
Manitoba Agriculture
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