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Manitoba Grain Innovation Hub

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 About the Manitoba Grain Innovation Hub

  • The Hub is a collaborative environment to encourage innovation in Manitoba’s grain (cereals, oilseeds, pulses) sector.
  • The Hub will support and help orchestrate Manitobans’ pursuit of innovations that increase the demand for, and supply of, grain resulting in growth for the provincial sector.
  • Closer co-ordination of activities within Manitoba and improving our province's contribution to national and global partnerships are the proposed central themes of the Hub. 

 Grain Production

  • The Hub will explore crop production technologies and practices to reduce production risk. Building on existing core strengths, the Hub will begin with a focus on opportunities to:
    • improve crops and farming systems to increase resiliency to flooding
    • manage risks from crop disease and insect pests
    • develop and adopt equipment and information technologies used in production, storage and transportation of grains 

Grain Ultilization

  • The Hub will target the discovery and development of innovations that expand demand for Manitoba grain from new and existing end users. Building on existing core strengths, the Hub will focus on:
    • food market quality attributes, including prevention and therapy of chronic disease
    • competitiveness in animal feed and industrial feedstock markets
  • Historically, innovation has driven steady incremental progress for the grain sector and this will continue with the Hub. Additionally, the Hub will also encourage innovations that fundamentally enhance grain consumption, processing and production.  
  • The Hub initiative will contribute to Manitoba’s reputation as a globally recognized grain centre of excellence by building its capacity in grain innovation.

How will the Hub Operate?

  • The Hub is funded by the federal and provincial governments under Growing Forward 2 and industry partners.
  • The federal and provincial governments have committed a combined $20 million towards projects under the Hub, supplemented by additional funding from industry partners expected to bring the total investment to over $33 million.
  • With respect to project grants, the Hub programming has been sharpened to the following four major pillars and six focus areas within the grain production and processing industries where Manitoba has existing strengths and/or notable potential to benefit the provincial economy.
    • Four Pillars:
      • Science
      • Production
      • Processing
      • Commercialization
    • Six focus areas:

Grain Production

      • Improve crops and farming systems to increase resiliency to extreme weather especially excess water
      • Manage risks from crop disease, weed and insect pests
      • Technologies used in the production, storage and transportation of grains

Grain Processing

      • Food quality attributes, including how food can prevent or treat chronic diseases
      • Making Manitoba grains competitive in animal feed and industrial feedstock markets
      • Technologies used in the processing of grains

Grain Innovation Hub Advisory Council

An Advisory Council has been established to assist the government and the sector in fulfilling their objectives to earn a reputation for Manitoba as an exceptional environment for collaborative innovation and business, to spark a higher level of innovation in cereals, oilseeds and pulses and to define Manitoba’s role in national and global grain innovation projects.
Appointed by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, the Advisory Council members will consist of individuals recognized for their acumen in grain production, processing, research, innovation and business. The Advisory Council will consist of a maximum of nine members including one co-chair each from government and industry.
The Council will provide advice and recommendations to leaders of the Hub on the following:
  • Emerging opportunities and challenges and corresponding potential areas for investment in grain innovation
  • Global trends, developments and potential national and international collaborations
  • Areas of strategic economic importance to Manitoba
  • Communication activities that would support progress toward the Hub’s objectives

Grain Innovation Hub Project Review Committee

The Project Review Committee has been established to review project proposals and make recommendations to the Minister on projects and funding levels for consideration of providing grant funding.

Appointed by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, the Project Review Committee members will consist of non-government individuals recognized for their acumen in grain production, processing, research, innovation and business. The Project Review Committee will consist of a maximum of five members including a chair.
The Committee will recommend to the Minister projects for funding under the Hub based on the following criteria:
  • Applicability of the project to the scope and focus of the Hub initiative
  • Reflective of strategic directions adopted by the department on the recommendation of the Hub Advisory Council
  • Potential for the project to help achieve the objectives of the Hub
  • Scientific merit of the project as judged in part by expert review

Manitoba Grain Innovation Hub Presentation (PDF 3 MB)