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Innovation and research are critical to the success of Manitoba’s agriculture and food industries. Supporting innovation and working to create an environment to sustain economic growth and job creation throughout Manitoba helps expand our innovative capacity and directly affects our competitiveness and productivity.

Innovation thrives when high levels of interaction and collaboration take place among the industry, innovators and institutions. At the centre of this system of innovation are people whose interaction and collaboration drive innovation activities. Effective innovation systems function at the local level and are characterized by a continuing cycle of:

• knowledge creation
• new product, process and service development
• business development, growth and attraction
• reviewing and setting new goals and challenges to create new knowledge

The industry is moving forward in a variety of areas that will support knowledge based sustainable economic development through innovation. This approach to innovation is based on the unique assets and strengths of our agricultural economy. Manitoba’s vast and diverse land base, feedstock availability, highly skilled workforce and value added processors enable our province to take advantage of a broad array of innovation activities. 

Manitoba is proud of our already thriving agri-innovation and technology sector. The province is home to innovative producers and many leading-edge businesses and processors and has seen tremendous growth in a number of key sectors.  Areas such as food processing, nutraceuticals, bio-products and renewable energy have seen tremendous growth in Manitoba as a result of this innovation and research investment. 

As we continue to work in collaboration with entrepreneurs across the province, the goal of our innovation and research activities will be to build on our existing infrastructure and focus on areas that maximize the benefits for the rural economy and positively impact Manitoba producers.



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