Land Map Viewers 

Soil and Weather Viewer
The Province of Manitoba is developing a new soil and weather viewer.   
The new soil and weather viewer will allow users to explore all the soil and weather information available in the Province of Manitoba.  This mapping source will help producers, agronomists, planners and the public make more informed land management decisions.  Users can search this web application by legal land description, river lot or by towns.  Viewers can select the different scales of available soil data in Manitoba and their related uses in addition to measuring and overlaying different data layers like rural municipalities, drain order maps and watershed boundaries.  In addition, users can select on individual weather stations to see current temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction or they can map selected areas depending on the parameters they select. Viewers can also print the information with an air photo background so that landscape properties like hills, trees and rivers can be seen.
The viewer is expected shortly and the link will be posted here once available.