Commercial Poultry

Over 1,000 farms in Manitoba have chickens, turkeys, and other poultry. Most flocks are very small with the birds kept for home use. Manitoba is self-sufficient in poultry and egg production and almost all of the eggs and meat consumed by Manitobans are produced on the 400 commercial poultry farms in the province.

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On-farm Food Safety

Commercial poultry and egg producers participate in on-farm food safety programs to document that they are taking the steps needed to produce a safe, quality product. They are regularly insepcted for record keeping, biosecurity and food handling practices.

One of the important steps when shipping birds to market is proper feed withdrawal. Monitoring and implementing a good feed withdrawal program will produce cleaner end product with a longer shelf life.

A Picture Guide of Chicken Feed Withdrawal

Feed Withdrawal: A Practical Look at Its Effect on Intestine Emptying, Contamination and Yield

Designing a Feed and Water Withdrawal Program for Turkeys

A Picture Guide of Turkey Feed Withdrawal

Feed withdrawal prior to processing is recommended for flocks of all sizes.


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