PigCHAMP and Y2K

Gus Wruck, Quality Assurance Specialist

In May and December of last year PigCHAMP posted on the Internet the following statement, "Please be assured that all versions of PigCHAMP starting with version 4.0 are fully year 2000 compliant".

What was not said and has been common knowledge for some time is that version 2.2 and version 3x series are not compliant. PigCHAMP is date sensitive and requires dates for data entry and calculations. When Jerry Steck from the University of Minnesota spoke at the Swine Seminar in January of 1999, he again pointed out this problem. He indicated that PigCHAMP version 2.2 would start having problems in September 1999 for sows due to farrow in January of 2000. PigCHAMP 2.2 is not programmed beyond December 31, 1999. The PigCHAMP version 3 series is better but it will also have some problems in the year 2000.

What to do?

The obvious first step is to check the version that is being used and upgrade to version 4 if required. The version number is shown in the upper right corner of every report.

Just as important, but it is not related to PigCHAMP is to ensure that the computer that the PigCHAMP program is running on is year 2000 compliant as well. Most of the newer Pentium type computers will probably be compliant. The older computers and even the early Pentium computers should be checked to see if they can switch over to the year 2000.

The computer check for year 2000 can be done be setting the date to December 31, 1999 and the time to 11:55 PM and turning off the computer for 10- minutes. After this waiting period, turn it on and see if the date is correct. It should be 12:05 AM on January 1, 2000. If it is not, some computers may still be operable by manually setting them to the correct time and date in the year 2000. Another date of concern is February 29 in the year 2000. A similar check of the computer can be performed as well. The computer should recognise the year as a leap year. If there are still problems it may be time for a computer upgrade.