Financial Assistance

Ag Action Manitoba Program for Farmers 

Productivity for Sheep


Ag Action Manitoba provides funding to improve flock productivity and animal care, while increasing the number of ewes that a producer can manage. Moving to a higher level of technology and improved genetics are two strategies for increasing flock size and lamb numbers. 

Some of the items supported are targeted to sheep and lambs from genetic stock that produce multiple (triplets or quads) lambs. These items will assist new and seasoned producers in producing the lambs needed to meet growing demand from processors and consumers.


Sheep producers must have:

  • a Manitoba Premises Identification Number
  • participated in a sheep training webinar(s)

Other eligibility requirements:

Sheep training webinar(s)
A series of four webinars are being offered to Manitoba sheep producers. The webinars are from 20 – 50 minutes long. Producers must participate in the corresponding webinar(s) listed below before applying:

Required Webinar Training
Equipment for efficient, low stress handling
Sheep handling equipment
Flock health, production records and biosecurity
Automated milk replacing equipment
Milk replacer feeding and management
Flock health, production records and biosecurity
Ewe pregnancy and fetal number diagnosis equipment and training
Pregnancy management (nutrition and disease)
Flock health, production records and biosecurity
Flock health, breeding and production software
breeding stock and flock testing/screening
Flock health, production records and biosecurity


Select the webinar to start the registration process and to watch each webinar:

Producers who use a link to register, will receive an email that allows them to access and watch the webinar at their convience from their home. Once the webinars are watched to completion, a sheep producer is eligible to apply for funding.

All sheep producers participating in the program are required to watch webinar 4 and depending on what is being funded webinar(s) 1, 2 or 3. Remember to record the date that you completed watching a webinar as you will be asked for that date when you apply for for an item.

For sheep producers who cannot watch a webinar at home, viewing the webinars at a Manitoba Agriculture office will be an option. Check this website or call Manitoba Agriculture at 1-844-769-6224 for details of locations and times as they become available.




Ag Action Manitoba will provide cost-share funding for the following items under this focus area: 

  • equipment for efficient, low stress handling – including a grafting head gate, guillotine gate, sort gate, trim chute, working chute, crowding tub, loading chute (adjustable height), chute panel with gate, stop gate, tilt table and up to six chute alley panels. There is a funding cap on all handling equipment of $2,000.
  • automated milk replacer feeding equipment – for management of orphan lambs and lambs produced by ewes producing triplet and quad lambs. There is a funding cap of $2,000 for this item.
  • ewe pregnancy and fetal number diagnosis – includes training and equipment to allow producers to identify ewes on their farm carrying multiple lambs to allow for more precise feeding and management. Note that only licenced animal health professionals can conduct fee-for-service pregnancy testing. 
  • flock health, breeding and production software – to increase a producer’s ability to identify superior individuals within a contemporary group or flock thus providing improvement of flock management and productivity. Eligible software must be approved by Manitoba Agriculture. It must also be compatible with the Canadian national animal traceability program. The Shearwell Farm Works software is eligible and other eligible programs may be added. Cap of $2,000 for eligible software.
  • breeding stock and flock testing/screening - for the production limiting disease Maedi Visna Virus (MVV) and genetic Scrapie screening to identify pedigree and disease resistance to improve the breeding stock.

There is a cost share ratio of 50:50 for this focus area and a total funding cap of $3,500 per farm.

Caps on individual items may also limit the assistance available. For example, if a sheep farmer purchases automated milk replacer feeding equipment for $5,000, the financial assistance for the equipment will be limited to the cap of $2,000.

In-kind contributions associated with the items purchased are ineligible for cost-sharing.


1. Review the Ag Action Manitoba Program for Farmers Terms and Conditions Guidebook (PDF 540 KB) before you complete your application form to ensure you meet all requirements for eligibility. On the application, you will be required to state that you have read, understand and agree to abide by all the requirements set out in the guide.

2. Download the fillable Download the fillable PDF application form.

To help complete your application, have the following information:

    • date of the training webinar(s) in which you participated
    • premises Identification (PID) number
    • number of full-time and part-time employees (less than 20 hours per week) hired by your sheep operation
    • number of ewes in your sheep operation

3. Applications, with required documentation, can be emailed to Manitoba Agriculture. Be sure to: 

    • always save a copy of the completed application for your records
    • attach all required documents before sending
    • include your name, business or organization, contact information and the activity you are applying for in the body of the email

4. When your application is received, Manitoba Agriculture will assess your application. Once the application is assessed, you will receive a funding decision letter.

5. You must receive a funding decision letter before you start any work on your project. Applications for projects that were started before you received notification will not be accepted.

6. Only costs paid out after the date on your funding decision letter will be reimbursed. Any expenses incurred before the project’s approval is received in writing, are ineligible, unless and except where otherwise expressly authorized in writing by the program administrator.

7. When your project is completed, submit a final report, including itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payments to:

Ag Action Manitoba – Program Administrator, 810 Phillips Street, Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 4A4 


8. Payment will be issued according to the schedule stated in the funding decision letter and upon meeting all the reporting requirements.

9. An audit inspection of final work may occur before or after payment is issued.



This focus area is not currently accepting applications.



  • Email the program administrator.
  • 1-844-769-6224


  • Producers cannot receive funding for the same or similar Assurance activity items received under Growing Forward 2. Priority for funding is given to farmers who have not previously participated in this focus area.
  • Applicants agree to participate in follow up surveys on the impact of the items purchased on their farm operations.