Manitoba Local Produce Guide

Manitoba farmers grow some of the world’s tastiest vegetables and you can get the pick of the crop this summer. Find many fresh products at farmers’ markets, pre-picked market stands, U-Pick vegetable gardens and community supported agriculture farms. Experience fresh from the farm today!

Interactive Map 

Please use this interactive map to find local produce in Manitoba.  Be sure to call ahead to confirm hours of operation and the selection of vegetables available.

Ways to access local produce

Farmers’ Markets

Producers grow, pick, make and sell a variety of quality local fruit, vegetables, fresh baked goods, home preserves and unique crafts. Farmers’ markets bring several producers together in one location to sell their goods directly to consumers. Each producer has a separate stall or stand at the market. You can find members of Direct Farm Manitoba on their website.

Pre-Picked Market Stands

These are usually roadside stands on or near the property of the farmers. The farmers pick the produce for you and replenish the supplies with fresh produce daily. The advantage of going to roadside stands is that you can talk to the growers one-on-one about the way they farm and how to get the most out of their produce.

U-Pick Vegetable Gardens

Here, you can harvest your vegetables yourself. Enjoy fresh air and exercise while you shop. You also have the opportunity to talk to growers one-on-one. Bring along the family, friends and neighbours, add a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms

This is a unique way to form partnerships between farmers and their customers. As a customer, you become a member by investing a fee in the farmers’ crops in the spring. When the crops are harvested, you receive a share of the vegetables the farmer grows. Contact these farms directly to find out more information and how they operate. More information can be found at

Make the most of your trips

Plan ahead – You’ll save time and avoid disappointment if you confirm hours of operation and selection of vegetables in advance.
Include fresh fruit on your list – Check out the Prairie Fruit Growers Association directory for all the information you need to buy from local fruit markets and gardens.
Ask growers for information – Take some time to talk to the farmers about cooking, freezing, canning, or recipe ideas.
Bring along the guide – Use it to plan visits to more than one outlet and expand your adventure, variety and choicesm.
Be a tourist – Pack up family and friends and make it a weekend outing. Check out local tourist attractions along the way.
Consider organic produce – The demand for organic produce is growing. To be sure you’re buying truly organic produce look for a Canada Organic label or an official federal certificate.
Make plans for Open Farm Day – This is an opportunity to experience agriculture right on the farm taking place in September annually. Farmers will open their farm gates to visitors of all ages. Open Farm Day is hosted by the Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies.
When you buy local products, you’re enjoying fresh healthy produce, supporting Manitoba farmers and helping grow Manitoba’s economy.