Pesticide Dealer License

Who requires a licence:
A pesticide dealer is a person (or business) that sells pesticides to an end user.

Retail pesticide dealers that sell commercial and/or restricted class pesticides in Manitoba are required to have a Pesticide Dealer Licence.

As of January 2009, retail businesses that sell capsaicin-containing animal repellents (ie. pepper sprays), including both domestic and restricted class products, are also required to be licensed.

Dealer Application Form (PDF 33 KB)

Information Guide for Pepper Spray Dealers (PDF 39 KB)

Dealer Licences must be posted or be immediately available at the retail pesticide outlet.

The following licence categories are available for pesticide dealers:
Agricultural ground - sale of pesticides for use in agricultural applications.

  • Livestock - sale of pesticides for veterinary use.
  • Structural - sale of pesticides for use on structural pests.
  • Other - other categories considered on a case-by-case basis.

Record Keeping & Other Requirements

Retail pesticide dealers are responsible for keeping record of pesticide sales (Form 3). Dealers must also ensure that individuals purchasing restricted class pesticides complete and sign the appropriate provincial declaration forms (Form 4 or Form 7) or label-based declaration form. Dealers are to provide copies of Forms 3, 4 and 7 to Manitoba Agriculture on or before October 31 each year.


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