4-H Club Resources

Check out these resources to support 4-H leaders and develop skills within local clubs.

For Clubs

4-H P.O.W.E.R. Pack (PDF 2,221 KB) Designed for junior members at club or area events. This package includes six station fact sheets with instructions for presenting each 15 minute station. Activities will require minimal supplies that can be located in local stores or at home. This package also includes the REC Your 4-H Club activity guide and healthy snack ideas.

2017 4-H Leader Resource Guide (PDF 2,787 KB) A listing of 4-H program and project related resources, which can be ordered or borrowed from 4-H Manitoba

Default Constitution for 4-H Clubs (PDF 993 KB)

Code of Conduct - Members (PDF 542 KB)

Code of Conduct - Parents/Guardians (PDF 626 KB)

Code of Conduct - Volunteers (PDF 709 KB)

Club Record (Secretary) Book (PDF 240KB) explains the Secretary's duties and provides templates for keeping accurate records. A digital version is also available.

Club Treasurer Book (PDF 588KB) explains the Treasurer's duties and provides templates for keeping accurate records. A digital version is also available.

Club Digital Record Book (PDF 123KB) provides templates for keeping track of meetings.

Electronic Record Keeping Templates (XLS 59KB) provides Excel spreadsheets for financial records.

4-H Beef Book Webinar (WMV 16.3MB) is an 18-minute presentation explaining the format of 4-H project books.

"REC" your 4-H Club - activities to incorporate recreation into your 4-H meeting or event.  Have fun with teamwork and communication activities while being physically active. (PDF 1574 KB)

Building Block Mania - designed to assist clubs in planning a Building Blocks activity based event, geared for junior 4-H members.  Inlcudes ideas for multiple age activites, supply lists, decoration ideas, sample event budget, certificates, balloons and a leader's guide.

Building Block 2.0 Program - designed for Intermediate 4-H members.  A collection of hands-on science-based building activities,  Members will design and experiment with balloon cars, ziplines, gears, mosaics and much more.

4-H Club Pack (PDF 2,904 KB)

4-H Fun Pack (PDF 1,420 KB)

Discovery Zone Box (PDF 3,731 KB)

4-H Speak Pack - Communicating Effectively...the 4-H Way (PDF 10,028 KB)


4-H Hands-on Science Inquiry Cards
You Crack me Up (PDF 354 KB)

Clover Coptor (PDF 363 KB)

Red Wigglers (PDF 1,638 KB)

Bubbly or Not (PDF 419 KB)

Wind Watts (PDF 1,622 KB)

Tractor Torque (PDF 332 KB)

Tidy up that Oil (PDF 4,378 KB)

Size Situations (PDF 603 KB)

SOS Save our Soil (PDF 480 KB)

Keep your Distance (PDF 1,109 KB)

Worth the Salt (PDF 809 KB)

Mind your Manure (PDF 364 KB)

Sweet Science (PDF 513 KB)

Grow no Grow (PDF 3,699 KB)

Where's the Water (PDF 378 KB)

Rice Rabbits (PDF 798 KB)

UV Beads (PDF 1,581 KB)

Energy Ball (PDF 1158 KB)

Instant Snow (1,382 KB)

Question Matrix (241 KB)


Judging Fact Sheets

Let's Judge  (PDF 538 KB)

Judging Beef Cattle  (PDF 2,046 KB)

Judging Dairy Cattle  (PDF 385 KB)

Judging Horses  (PDF 690 KB)

Bison (PDF 325KB)  Canine (PDF 272KB)  Donkey (PDF 306KB)  Feline (PDF 301KB)  Foods (PDF 286KB)  Goats (PDF 351KB)  Handicrafts (PDF 256KB)  Hay & Haylage (PDF 253KB)  Home Preserved Food (PDF 269KB)  Honey (PDF 250KB)  Horticulture (PDF 382KB)  Llama (PDF 317KB)  Maple Syrup (PDF 253KB)  Meat Cuts (PDF 248KB)  Photography (PDF 263KB)  Poultry (PDF 707KB)  Quilting (PDF 382KB)  Rabbits (PDF 307KB)  Scrapbooking (PDF 256KB)  Seed Samples (PDF 251KB)  Sewing (PDF 270KB)  Sheep (PDF 776KB)  Silage (PDF 253KB)  Swine (PDF 476KB)


Judging Resources on the Internet (2015) (PDF 264 KB)


For Volunteers and Leaders

4-H Speeches Fact Sheet 2016 (PDF 437KB) provides provincial 4-H guidelines for preparing, presenting and judging speeches.

4-H Visual Presentations Fact Sheet 2016 (PDF 456KB) provides provincial 4-H guidelines for preparing, presenting and judging visual presentations.

 4-H Leaders Guide - A detailed guide for all 4-H leaders (2015)
Section 1 - 4-H Manitoba (PDF 1754 KB)

Section 2 - Protecting the 4-H Family (PDF 5432 KB)

Section 3 - Head Leader - Tips on Running a Successful Club (PDF 1369 KB)

Section 4 - Project Leaders - Working with 4-H Members (PDF 1695 KB)

Section 5 - Club Meeting Guide (PDF 1357 KB)

Section 6 - Planning an Effective Club Program (PDF 1555 KB)

Section 7- 4-H and Social Media (PDF 2770 KB)

Section 8 - Chaperone Guidelines (PDF 752 KB)

Section 9 - Event Planning Workbook (PDF 665 KB)

Visit the Manitoba 4-H Council website for more resources.