Expand Housing Options in your Community

As you make plans for the future, it's important to consider where you are today and how you can address opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

Rural communities often find it hard to provide housing options for area residents and newcomers. When vacancy rates are really low, as they often are in small communities, housing becomes a major challenge. Right now, there are few homes for sale or rent in rural Manitoba. And the rentals tend to be for older, one and two bedroom units that are often in poor condition.

The demand for quality housing of all kinds in rural communities is growing because:

  • baby boomers are retiring back to their home communities
  • more seniors want to stay in their own communities
  • immigration is increasing across the province

Lack of housing options and rising demand are putting pressure on rural community leaders to come up with housing solutions. While the federal and provincial governments have programs and resources to support housing options for rural communities, the demand most often outweighs the supply. This means that rural communities must take the lead to find affordable, quality housing options for area residents and find creative ways to do it.

The process will help proactive community leaders:

  • clearly identify the local housing supply and demand
  • develop a step by step plan to improve housing options




For more information

MAFRD staff can provide advice, path finding and facilitation support to rural communities pursuing local economic development.
Contact the Business Development Specialist - Community Development at your local MAFRD GO Office.