Regional Economic Analysis Process

As you make plans for the future, it's important to consider where you are today and how you can address opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

The Regional Economic Analysis Process (REAP) combines an analysis of demographic, job, business and industry data for a self selected region. This information, along with supporting workshops, help communities identify economic development priorities and create an economic action plan.
How does REAP help communities?
The process will help:
  1. Identify regional economic strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Identify strategic opportunities and priorities for strategic investments.
  3. Examine how regional social and economic strengths may be linked together to create unique competitive advantages.
  4. Engage regional partners and stakeholders in identifying key priorities and working collaboratively to act on them. 
Throughout this process, MAFRD staff can help with facilitating discussions, identifying and accessing resources, tracking results and providing support for value-added agricultural projects.



For more information

MAFRD staff can provide advice, path finding and facilitation support to rural communities pursuing local economic development.
Contact the Business Development Specialist - Community Development at your local MAFRD GO Office.