Collective Bargaining

MGEU Master Negotiations - Guaranteed 16.2% Offer with Direct Path to Binding Arbitration.

August 31, 2023

This bargaining is unfolding in an unusual way, in unusual timing circumstances.

You are likely aware of our significantly enhanced new offer, with a total monetary package of 16.2% over 4 years, along with a direct path to binding arbitration to fairly determine the issue of general wage increases.

The total 16.2% monetary package is broken down as follows:


About the Direct Arbitration Feature

This was fundamentally important to us - to ensure that our employees had an available no-risk option to consider in this unique and difficult round of bargaining.

Where our employees had the security of locking in all of the other immediate, retroactive and ongoing significant gains on the table. While the contentious issue of general wage increases was efficiently determined through a fair binding arbitration process. So:

Further Details

The public positioning earlier this past week led to a government media bulletin. The full August 31 offer is here.