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Solving Problems



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Solving Problems

Sometimes things happen and you may not be sure what your rights and responsibilities as a tenant are. This page provides you with additional information as well as contact information if you require the assistance of someone at the Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB).

Need Repairs?

Your landlord has certain obligations in maintaining your rental unit.

The Residential Tenancies Act says that a landlord must provide and maintain the rental unit and residential complex in a state of good repair that complies with health, building and occupancy standards.

If you need to get something fixed in your unit, you should give your landlord a written request to do the work within a reasonable period. You should keep a copy of your request for your own records.

When asking your landlord to do repairs, you need to consider how long it should take to do the work and whether it’s possible for the landlord to do it. Some repairs, like roofing, can only be done on a seasonal basis.

If your landlord doesn’t do the repairs, you can contact the Branch to ask for help and to find out what your options are. 

Other Problems?
Call or contact RTB in Winnipeg, Brandon or Thompson if:

  • your rent is going up and you didn’t get proper notice (three months written notice is required)
  • your rent is going up a lot and you’re not sure if the landlord is allowed to charge such a big increase.
  • you received a notice to move out and you don’t agree with the reason for the notice or you need more time to find a new place to live
  • your landlord is entering your rental unit without giving you proper notice – minimum notice of 24 hours is required in writing
  • your landlord has locked you out because you haven’t paid your rent; the landlord says they won’t let you back in or give you your belongings
  • you want to move, but you’re not sure how much notice you need to give
  • the tenants in the rental unit next door to you are noisy and you’re not sure what to do

What will the Branch do:

  • get details from you about your concerns
  • talk to the landlord to find out what can be resolved
  • possibly order the landlord to do something, such as make repairs, not enter the rental unit without proper notice
  • investigate the rent increase to make sure it’s proper
  • work with you and the landlord to resolve a dispute through mediation
  • tell you how to file a claim for compensation if you think the landlord owes you money

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