Selling to the Manitoba Government

What We Buy

The key to selling to the Manitoba Government is to first understand what the government buys. The range of goods and services required by departments and their programs in the Manitoba Government are extensive and varied. This information is available as follows:
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
    • For information on the goods and services purchased centrally, please contact Procurement and Supply Chain.
  • Departments



Purchases are handled by a number of buyers in government who are either contracting for goods or services corporately on behalf of other client departments, as in the case of the Procurement and Supply Chain Branch, or are buying groups or individuals in the departments who purchase on behalf of their own programs. Please contact Procurement and Supply Chain for additional information.

Electronic Tendering

The Manitoba Government tenders goods greater than $5,000 & services and construction greater than $100,000 on Merx, an electronic tendering service owned and operated by Mediagrif Interactive Technologies located in Longuevil, Quebec. Merx is an excellent source to access current tender opportunities as well as research former tender activity. Contact Merx at 1-800-964-6379, or search for Manitoba tender opportunities at 
Trade Agreements
Request for Quotation - Terms and Conditions


In addition to understanding what goods and services are required by the Manitoba Government, and knowing what individual or group handles the buying, suppliers are encouraged to market their goods or services to end users in the department or programs. Presentation of literature, catalogues, advertising or supplier profiles are appropriate and welcome. If you need help to identify the appropriate programs or buyers please contact the Procurement and Supply Chain staff who will assist you.
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