Category Management

Manitoba currently uses a decentralized, transactional approach to purchasing goods and services. Each department issues individual contracts and often go through separate tendering processes for the same goods and services. This means that if the department of infrastructure and health both need to purchase the same or similar goods or services, each department currently issues a separate tender.

Category management is a strategic procurement approach. It organizes procurement resources around specific areas of spending. This will ensure government can:

  • improve planning to leverage buying power for a particular category of goods or services to meet the needs of several departments at one time
  • negotiate lower costs by purchasing larger numbers of a product or service at one time
  • improve how contracts are managed to ensure all needs are met and that government and suppliers meet the terms of all contracts

It is expected that adopting a category management approach to procurement will allow government to:

  • standardize processes and procedures for government procurement
  • improve procurement services and make them more efficient
  • improve transparency around the procurement of services that use taxpayer dollars
  • reduce costs to procure goods and services while maintaining service quality
  • enhance relationships with vendors / suppliers to realize benefits