Procurement Modernization Initiative

Reviews in 2012 and 2016 identified the need to modernize procurement services in the Manitoba government as a way to ensuring efficient and effective services while reducing costs. The Manitoba government is currently undergoing a three-year procurement modernization project to achieve better results and cost savings for the taxpayer. 

Under Manitoba’s current procurement model, the government uses a decentralized, transactional approach to purchasing goods and services. This means there are often separate tenders issued to buy the same goods and services. This leads to missed opportunities for cost savings and better value for the dollars spent. 

The project will include:
  • centralizing procurement services to ensure government contracting is more coordinated, strategic and sustainable
  • adopting a category management approach to procurement to help the province become a smart shopper
  • improving planning and using Manitoba’s purchasing power to achieve economies of scale
The project will take place over three years and is expected to be completed by fall 2021. Visit this site regularly for updates and additional information.

Category Management
Supplier Information
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