Business Links

The following business links may be of interest.
Manitoba Business Resources
Need help finding the on-ramp for the road to success?  Find some excellent vehicles to help fuel your business drive.
The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
Manitoba's largest business lobby, representing over 10,000 business and community leaders
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Represents the needs and interests of Winnipeg business, serving as the "Voice of Business"
The Indigenous Chamber of Commerce
The leading advocate for Indigenous Business in Manitoba representing their needs and interests
Support for Businesses in Manitoba
Information maintained by the Government of Canada on funding, training and business support programs that foster economic development in Manitoba.
The Association of Manitoba Municipalities
Identifies and addresses the needs and concerns of its members in order to achieve strong and effective municipal government
Manitoba Municipal Administrators
The leading agency and voice on issues affecting Municipal Administration
Women's Enterprise Centre
Provides business information, guidance and financing to assist women in starting, expanding, or purchasing an existing business
SEED Winnipeg
Assists in the renewal of Winnipeg's inner city by helping individuals and groups start small businesses and save money for future goals
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