Fire Update Report



Fire Danger/Activity: The wildfire danger is generally low across the province and is expected to remain low for the next week or more. There has been minimal wildfire activity in the last month and a significant increase in wildfire activity is not anticipated. There has been no new fires in the last 24 hours.

Outdoor Burning: Outdoor burning is permitted at this time. Before you begin burning:

  • Provincial Burn Permits are required for outdoor burning (excluding campfires and cooking/warming fires) from April 1 to November 15 and can be obtained from the local Conservation and Climate Office. Contact the local Conservation and Climate Office for Provincial Burning Permit and fireworks authorization information
  • Check with your local municipality for their permit requirements and consult with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development office for Crop Reside Burning Authorizations, where required.
  • Check for provincial and municipal outdoor fire restrictions
  • Check the local fire danger and be aware of forecast weather. Strong gusting winds and sudden changes in wind direction can be dangerous.

Fireworks and sky lanterns: Fireworks and sky lanterns are not permitted in Provincial Parks at any time and require authorization from Conservation and Climate for areas within the Burn Permit Area. Please consult your local Conservation and Climate Office and local municipal bylaws for more information.

FireSmart: This September long weekend, Manitobans are encouraged to consider FireSmart activities to protect their home and property from wildfires. This video from FireSmart Canada explains how simple changes within the home ignition zone can make your home and property less vulnerable to wildfire.

Human caused wildfires put communities at risk and are preventable. During these uncertain times, it is especially important to be careful while enjoying the outdoors to ensure the health and safety of Manitobans and the fire fighters that respond to wildfires.

  • Always exercise caution when in or near forested areas.
  • Practice Leave No Trace in Manitoba Parks.
  • Know the local fire danger and be aware of current and forecasted weather conditions.
  • Never leave your campfire unattended and always extinguish it before leaving. Drown, stir and repeat until cold.
  • Safely and properly dispose of ashes and charcoal briquettes.

Please report all wildfires to 1-800-782-0076 (TIPS/Wildfires). Please note the TIP line is for reporting wildfires only. Contact the local Conservation and Climate office for information on specific wildfires.

144 fires have been reported to date as follows :
Region Active Year To Date Area Burned (Ha)
East 1 80 13977
North 0 47 4081
West 0 0 0

Crews and equipment engaged in today's fire suppression activities
9 Helicopters
6 Waterbombers
0 Extra Firefighters