Winnipeg Estate Indexes 1870-1983

What is an Estate Index?

The word “estate” is a legal term that refers to the assets and liabilities left by an individual at the time of their death. The Winnipeg (Eastern) Judicial District created estate indexes to provide information about the estates of individuals who died in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. The indexes are arranged alphabetically by name of deceased. They provide a number that refers to the estate file as well as a book and folio number that references the legal instrument. Legal instruments were kept separately from the estate file until 1973. After 1973, all legal instruments are kept with the estate file.

How to find an estate file:

  1. Use the online indexes below to locate the estate file number or book and folio number of the documents you are trying to find. Consult the appropriate alphabetical index arranged by surname.

    Note, spelling variations or inconsistencies may arise in the indexes, try various spellings.

  2. Return to Section I, Step#2 of the Guide to Probate Records to find the archival location of the file.

    Note: To locate estate files from other judicial districts, consult the Guide to Probate Records

Winnipeg Estate Index 1870-1930

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Winnipeg Estate Index 1931-1939


Winnipeg Estate Index 1939-1945

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Winnipeg Estate Index 1945-1949


Winnipeg Estate Index 1949-1953

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Winnipeg Estate Index 1953-1957


Winnipeg Estate Index 1957-1968

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Winnipeg Estate Index 1969-1974


Winnipeg Estate Index 1975-1978

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Winnipeg Estate Index 1979-1982



Winnipeg Estate Index 1983-1984