Rural Library Operating Grant Program

What is the Rural Library Operating Grant Program?

This program provides financial assistance for the annual costs of operating libraries established under The Public Libraries Act. Assistance is based on population and municipal contribution. Calculations are done separately for each municipality. This program supports improvements to the quality and scope of library service in rural Manitoba.

The formula outlined in Manitoba Regulation 153/83 seeks to:

  • Provide for equitable sharing by the Province and municipalities of the costs of library service
  • Maintain viable collection development for sharing of library resources

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Who can apply?

Public library boards established under Part II or Part III of The Public Libraries Act may apply for an annual operating grant under this program.

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What is the criteria?

Applications are mailed annually in January to the chair of each library board established under Part II or Part III of The Public Libraries Act.

Applications are processed after April 1 of each year and after the following documents have been received:

  • A proposed budget for the current year
  • The annual report for the preceding year; under The Public Libraries Act, this is required by January 31 annually
  • An audited financial statement for the preceding year

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What is the funding formula?

In total, the grant consists of:

  1. A basic grant to match municipal funding for the library to a maximum of $8.50 per capita based on the population of the municipality on May 31 of the preceding year.
  2. A development grant for purchasing library collection materials equal to $5,500 for each branch or bookmobile or $6,500 for each bilingual or northern branch or bookmobile that meets the following program criteria:
    • Public access for a minimum 10 hours weekly at each branch or bookmobile
    • Sharing of resources with other libraries in the province

Payments are based on the proposed municipal funding for the current year, and are adjusted, if need be, in the subsequent year when the actual municipal funding can be verified by the audited statement.

Note: For this program, annual operating costs include those related to staff, library materials, utilities, maintenance, stationery, postage, programs, shelving, computers, equipment and furniture. The acquisition, construction or installation of physical assets related to the structure of a library and the purchase of vehicles and bookmobiles are not included.

Provincial operating grants and the municipal funding used to generate annual provincial operating grants cannot be used to accumulate a surplus, and cannot be used as the local share toward a matching capital grant.

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