Cosmetic Pesticides

Cosmetic Pesticide Changes - Enhanced protections in public spaces - Safer application in residential uses

The Manitoba government is committed to protecting human health and the environment. It is also committed to science-based decision-making.

Changes to cosmetic pesticides legislation respond to what we heard from Manitobans. We heard the previous legislation was not working because products were ineffective.

Changes to The Environment Act:

Health Canada ensures pesticides are low-risk

All pesticides used in Manitoba must be registered with Health Canada. Cosmetic pesticides that are currently restricted in Manitoba are deemed low-risk by Health Canada.


Over 350 Health Canada scientists are dedicated to the review of pesticides. They use the most recent data and science available to assess risks to human health, pets, and the environment. Any pesticide must go through this rigorous review before it can be sold in Canada and must include instructions on how to safely apply the product.


Health Canada ensures pesticides are low-risk to Canadians, their pets and the environment. The label has easy-to-follow directions to increase safe handling. They consider personal protective equipment, how long pets should stay off the treated area, surface water setbacks, and application timing and amount.


Health Canada can initiate a special review if new research emerges that identifies risks from pesticides where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the health or environmental risks, or the value of a pesticide are no longer acceptable.


Manitobans can now apply all pesticide products that are registered with Health Canada, except in sensitive areas. Out of an abundance of caution, pesticide use remains restricted at schools, child care centres, and hospitals. Use is now also restricted at municipal playgrounds, picnic areas, dog parks, and provincial parks. These areas are defined in pesticide use permits. Other prairie provinces have no ban on pesticides and do not protect sensitive areas.


The new legislation allows for the application of pesticides registered with Health Canada on low-risk areas such as municipal boulevards, sidewalks, rights-of-ways, fairgrounds, and on sports fields, except on school grounds. Commercial applicators for such areas must be licensed and must meet national certification standards. Applicators are trained to apply products correctly to reduce risks to Manitobans.

Exceptions to this Legislation

The following sectors continue to be exempt from this legislation:

Relevant Dates

March 14, 2022 - Introduction of the Bill to the Legislature

November 3, 2022 - Passage of the Bill at the Legislature: