Information for Manitobans


Public health officials have developed materials to support different sectors through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guidance for Industry Sectors
A number of local and national organizations have developed materials to support different industry sectors through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sports Guidelines
Guidance to help participants and organizers/those responsible for recreational activities.

Hosting and Attending Celebrations and Ceremonies
The following guidelines should be followed by event planners, hosts and attendees

Vocalists and Instrumentalists
This guideline is meant to assist amateur or professional vocalists, instrumentalists and organizers of music groups.

Faith-Based Gatherings in Places of Worship (pdf)
In-person service guidelines apply to both indoor and outdoor faith-based gatherings

Guidance for Food
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it is essential for food sector workers, grocery stores and food banks to ensure safe and reliable access to food and supplies.

First Nations Community Events
The Manitoba First Nations Pandemic Response Coordination Team has drafted guidelines for First Nations community events.

Early Learning Practice Guidelines
Early Learning and Child Care Practice Guidance

Guidelines for Transportation to Schools
Where school busing is necessary, the following guidelines should be followed by school bus drivers and students.

Guidelines for Owners/Operators, Staff/Volunteers and Patrons of the Arts
Guidelines have been developed to assist owners/operators, staff, volunteers and patrons of the arts.

Transportation Advice
Advice for carpooling, travellers, vehicles for hire, public transit and motorcyclists.

Guidelines for Visitation Shelter Construction
Guidelines for Outdoor/Indoor Visitation Shelter Construction