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Information for Government of Manitoba Navigators

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I apply to work at an immunization clinic as a Navigator?

A. Sign up here:

Q. What does a Navigator do?

A. Navigators have many jobs, including:

A Navigator can be assigned to any of these roles throughout the shift; the majority of these roles require a lot of walking and standing. Your assigned role may change from shift to shift.

Q. When a Manitoba government employee says they are available for a shift, who schedules them? I have some staff that expressed availability for this weekend.

A. Employees and volunteers sign up with the Shared Health recruitment and volunteer team. Typically, they then receive training before they are scheduled for shifts. The scheduling team can be reached at: There has been an urgent need for workers in the last few weeks, so staff were scheduled before they received training to meet the needs of specific sites.

Q. How many volunteers and staff are needed each day?

A. This depends on the number of doses available per day, the number of term staff scheduled and the number of clinic locations across Manitoba. There may not always be shifts available at clinics.

Q. If I sign up, am I eligible for the vaccine?

A. If you sign up for ongoing shifts, you are eligible for the vaccine after your first shift has been scheduled. You are not able to get the vaccine without an appointment. You can make your appointment by calling 1-844-MAN-VACC (1-844-626-8222), from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day. Be sure to have your health card ready.

Q. Is a GOM staff without photo ID eligible to apply for a Shared Health ID badge?

A. If you have GOM photo ID, you can use that. If you are a GOM Staff without a GOM ID, you can apply for the Shared Health ID badge by taking the following steps:

Your badge will be prepared and forwarded to the site you are scheduled to work. If you work at a site that has additional requirements for access or ID, you will be informed of this when you report for work.

Your ID badge is the property of Shared Health, and must be returned upon the termination of your employment or if otherwise requested. A replacement charge will be applied if you lose your photo ID badge or fail to return it as required.

Q. What is the dress code for the immunization clinic?

A. Smart casual attire is required which includes no jeans, pants with holes and medical scrubs. Navigators should wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing for a significant amount of time. Running shoes are acceptable. We also encourage you to wear a vest, sweater or light jacket as the room could get cool at times.

Q. Who do I notify if I have been scheduled for a shift but feeling unwell?

A. Employees that are feeling unwell and not able to attend your shift are asked to notify VITF Scheduling Team at your earliest opportunity by calling 1-877-360-0866 during the hours of 7am - 9pm Monday to Sunday. You still are able to notify of us via email ( as before however, in order to minimize duplicate notices please only choose one method of communication.

Q. Where do I park when working at the RBC supersite

A. Parking is complimentary in the RBC Convention Center South Parkade. There is specific staff parking, do not park where clients are directed to park once onsite. Access to the parkade is off Carlton and it is below the new building of the Convention Centre. Signage will direct you to the clinic location.

You will cross the indoor walkway from the new to the old building of the Convention Centre.

Q. Where do I park at RBC if the south staff parking lot is full

A. Parking is available at the outdoor Workers Compensation Board (WCB) lot on the corner of York and Carlton Streets.

Q. What is the process for picking up shifts?

A. Shifts are scheduled using a software called Deputy Scheduling.


Q. What training do I need to complete to be a Navigator at a Clinic?

A. To be a Navigator, you need to complete two training sessions with Organization and Staff Development.

You will need the following:

To access the PHIA and Navigator Training - go to the Organization and Staff Development site and log in.

For the Navigator Training:

For the PHIA Training:

Q. Who is required to take the cultural safety training?

A. The cultural safety training is required for all staff working within travelling immunization teams

Q. How will you know if I have finished my training?

A. Organization and Staff Development sends us weekly reports.


Q. Is this voluntary or paid work?

A. If you choose to work at an immunization clinic, you will be compensated at your regular rate of pay.

Q. How does overtime work?

A. Your manager has final approval on whether you can take shifts at an immunization clinic. You will be compensated at your regular rate, if you go during work hours, within collective bargaining parameters. You are eligible to work overtime (e.g., for evenings and weekends) with your manager's approval, as long as it aligns with any relevant union agreements.

Q. How will you verify my hours worked?

A. You are expected to record the hours worked and report it through your department's timekeeper, copying your manager and attaching the email confirmation or Deputy screenshot of your shifts in order to be paid.

To ensure that we can verify your hours worked at the clinic, please fill the timesheets at the clinic at the beginning and end of each shift. These timesheets are sent to Deputy to add any exceptions.

Q. What code should my departmental Timekeeper use for overtime hours worked associated with COVID activities?

A. COVID funding ISA would not be recovered directly through coding on a timesheet.

Employees reassigned to a COVID activity and working OT would be coded to 7223 so it could be tracked for financial data reporting and analysis.

Q. How does my department's timekeeper record my overtime so that I am paid out and not banked?

A. The overtime for this work still falls under the collective agreement so it would be up to the manager to determine if the overtime is banked or paid out.

Q. What if my department doesn't have funding available for the overtime hours?

A. Departments can apply any overtime related to vaccine immunization clinics to their COVID ISA, if the money for this is not in their existing budgets. This should not be a barrier.

STEP Students

Q. Will I get paid as a Step Student?

A. STEP students are paid their current rate when working at shifts as STEP Navigators.

Only students who have accepted a termed position for Navigator through Shared Health are offered the Navigator rate.

To make sure you get paid for the hours you have worked, you are expected to record the hours worked at the vaccine clinic on your regular attendance report and submit it to your time keeper. If the shift is an overtime shift, it should be recorded using the code 7223. Please use your email from as the documentation to confirm your hours for working overtime to your manager in order to get paid. Managers can also email to verify hours worked.