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Manitoba Hydro


Mission Statement

"We create value for Manitobans by meeting our customers' expectations for the delivery of safe, reliable energy services at a fair price."

About Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is a Crown corporation and the province's major energy utility. The governance of the Crown corporation is through the Manitoba Hydro-Electric Board.
From Manitoba Hydro's head office in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, they:
  • serve electric customers throughout Manitoba and natural gas customers in various communities throughout Southern Manitoba
  • are one of the lowest cost providers of electricity in Canada and one of Canada's largest energy utilities
  • export electricity to electric utilities through participation in three wholesale markets in Canada and the mid-western United States
  • offer a wide range of energy services and programs to customers, either directly or through business interests
  • generate nearly all Manitoba’s electricity from self-renewing water power, using 15 hydro-electric generating stations, primarily on the Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Burntwood and Nelson rivers
  • are the major distributor of natural gas in the province, delivering natural gas to over 100 Manitoba communities
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