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Organization and Staff Development (OSD) delivers a broad range of training services that support competency development and capacity building within the Manitoba government. Using the Manitoba Government Transformation Strategy as its foundation, OSD works with government departments to improve performance in innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness. OSD does this by delivering training services tailored to meet organization needs at the right time to:

  • support the Learning Policy and Learning Plans through a network of Learning Champions and program activities
  • assist employees and their managers to solve organization problems, to improve service effectiveness, and to realize the human potential that exists within the workplace

  We offer:

  • a variety of workshops, either a general offering through the OSD training catalogue, or customized training for a specific department or function
  • a variety of formats, such as workshops, webinars, blended learning, and online learning
  • certificate programs, leadership programs, and executive development programs

Our target audience is Manitoba government employees within administrative positions, supervisors and managers, and senior management. Training may be at an introductory, intermediate or advanced level, to achieve the greatest possible learning outcomes and results.
OSD also offers other training services to departments to support transfer of learning and application of knowledge in the workplace through informal learning. Training services focus on a variety of capacity building topics, management skills, and competency areas:

  • coaching services
  • facilitation services
  • instructional design
  • keynote addresses
  • presentations
  • tutorials, assignments, and evaluations

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