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Education and Training - High School

Adult Learning Centres

Whatever your reason for returning to learning, you may find the help you need at one of the many Adult Literacy Programs or Adult Learning Centres found in Manitoba.

Choose Your School

Students now have the right to choose which school to attend. Find out more about your options.

French Language Education

Find out more about resources for French-speaking students.

General Education Development (GED)

Many adults (persons 19 years of age or older) have earned Senior Years equivalency diplomas based on performance on the General Educational Development (GED) Tests. GED diplomas are recognized by most employers and some community colleges and universities. They may be accepted for employment, apprenticeship admission, and other training programs.

Graduation Requirements

Figure out what courses you need to graduate from high school.

High School Apprenticeship Option

The program lets you start your apprenticeship training while you are still in high school. It combines regular high school instruction with paid, part-time, on-the-job training.

High School Transcripts

The Student Records office in Russell, Manitoba can provide school divisions and school personnel the MET numbers for Manitoba students; and students with their Manitoba High School Marks statement if they are unable to obtain their marks from the school they attended.

Lieutenant Governor's Youth Experience

Challenges students to improve their school performance, participate in community events, overcome obstacles and strive to reach their full potential through the use of positive reinforcement and rewards.

Manitoba Education

Manitoba Education is dedicated to providing quality education and training opportunities for all Manitobans.

Manitoba High School Athletics Association

If you`re a Manitoba High School sports junkie, then this site is your fix. It has everything from results, rankings, and a whole boat-load of resources. Get all of the excitement of local sports, and support High School Athletics!

Visit a School Division

Explore the over 50 school divisions that offer unique and exciting programs.

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