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Health Matters - Counselling

Adoption: Birth Parent Counselling

Birth parent counselling gives birth parents the opportunity to talk about their feelings, discuss what they want for their child and get information about all their options, including placing their child for adoption.

Children's Special Services- Family Support Services

Children's Special Services provides support to families to care for children who have physical and/or mental disabilities. The family support reduces stress encountered by families and helps them maintain their children with disabilities in their own homes to the greatest extent possible.

Compassionate Friends

Self-help group that offers friendship, understanding, grief education and hope for families who have experienced the death of a child.

Family Violence Prevention

Family violence is abuse or violence that occurs between intimate partners. An intimate partner relationship is a relationship with a spouse, common-law partner, boy/girlfriend, ex-boy/girlfriend, ex-common-law partner, ex-spouse or individual stalker (where stalker imagines the intimate relationship) of the same or opposite sex. It takes many different forms and includes physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, intimidation and threat. The Family Violence Prevention Program promotes the elimination of intimate partner violence through the development and support of community-based services.

Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres

Non-adversarial, family-centered, culturally relevant, community-based approach to decision making that recognizes the abilities of the participants and encourages families/communities to work together to ensure the safety of children.

Manitoba Metis Federation

Locating adoptive and foster care resources, and to provide liaison with Manitoba Family Services and Housing to identify child welfare related concerns of the Metis community.

Post-Adoption Registry

The Post-Adoption Registry provides non-identifying information, search and reunion services to eligible family members who were involved in an adoption that was granted in Manitoba.

Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect

What to do if you believe a child is being abused and neglected.

Provincial Crisis Line

The 24 hr. Crisis Line is open to anyone who wants to discuss a problem. Callers ask counsellors about many subjects. Among others, these include: depression, loss, separation, grief, self-esteem, suicide, anxiety, relationships, childhood abuse (past or current), domestic abuse, sudden life changes, loneliness, sexuality and sexual orientation.

Voices - Manitoba Youth in care Network

Educating the public on issues facing youth in care: out reach and support: advocacy and networking.

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