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Family Matters - Sexuality and Pregnancy

Healthy Baby Program

Expecting a baby? Do you... Live on a modest or low income? Need support or information to eat well during pregnancy? Live in Manitoba? Want to meet other expectant and new parents who live near you? Know that your baby`s learning starts before birth? Have questions about the health and development of your baby?

Healthy Sexuality

Sexual health includes a person's physical, emotional and mental well-being and continues to evolve over the course of a person's life. Relationships, self-esteem, emotions, gender identity and sexual orientation are some of the many aspects of healthy sexuality. Please use the links and resources on this site to learn more about healthy sexuality.

Ma Mawi Chi Itata Program

A residential centre for pregnant and/or parenting teens. There are mandatory programs on education, nutrition, sharing circles, prenatal/postnatal care.

Manitoba Strategy Responding to Children and Youth at Risk of, or Survivors of, Sexual Exploitation

Children and youth who have been sexually exploited are victims of child sexual abuse. The sexual exploitation of children and youth is a serious concern in Manitoba, Canada and around the globe. This site provides an overview of the Manitoba Strategy and examples of specific initiatives.

The Rainbow Resource Centre

The Rainbow Resource Centre is a not-for-profit community organization that provides support and resources to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and two-spirited communities of Manitoba and North Western Ontario.

Think Again

Get the information you need...you decide. Many people ask, "How do I know when I am ready for sex?" Talking it over with someone you trust and getting the information you need is the first step in answering this question.

Villa Rosa Inc.

Villa Rosa provides residence, medical care, education and counselling to single women and youth who are pregnant or have recently delivered their babies. Programs address communication skills, exploring adoption, anger management, living skills, self-awareness, prenatal care, child development, parenting skills and personal growth for residents and non-residents. Outreach, support groups, individual counselling, labour companionship and follow-up programs are offered. Villa Rosa also provides postnatal courses to prepare young moms for independent living in the community.


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