Aboriginal Youth Internship Program (AYIP)

Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities partners with FireSpirit Inc. to deliver an Aboriginal Youth Internship Program (AYIP) for Winnipeg and capital region Aboriginal high school students.


  • To provide Winnipeg and area high school students (grades 11 and 12) of Aboriginal descent the opportunity to explore careers in the Manitoba labour market.
  • To encourage students to stay in school and complete their secondary education.
  • To help students gain confidence, increase their self knowledge and set vocational goals.
  • To provide participating employers with a rewarding experience through their involvement in the internship program.
  • To encourage the business community to enhance diversity within their workplace.

Program Description

The AYIP provides an opportunity for local high school students to access work experience and employment opportunities that might not otherwise be readily available to them. The program will usually allow a student a half day (3 hours) per week or one day (6 hours) every two weeks, maximum 16 weeks, attending an on-site work experience. This portion of the program will be unpaid and will normally take place between February and June. Students who successfully complete their work experience will be offered summer employment during July and August. The program is run as a partnership with each partner playing a distinct but integral role.


The Student:

  • Will maintain attendance at work and at school
  • Will maintain their academic performance
  • Will strive to develop a positive work ethic
  • Will attend and participate in all workshops
  • Will be a positive role model for their peers and in the workplace

The School:

  • Will promote AYIP and recommend suitable candidates
  • Provide input on student candidates
  • Support student participants
  • Participate in the internship graduation
  • Complete required documentation

The Employer:

  • Conduct interviews with selected candidates
  • Provide training, supervision and mentoring
  • Provide all necessary safety training
  • Communicate with the FireSpirit staff regarding the student's progress
  • Offer successful students a summer job
  • Attend the internship graduation

FireSpirit Inc.:

  • Provide support to the student participant
  • Liaise with the student's high school
  • Provide employer liaison and support
  • Provide appropriate cultural resources
  • Provide career Information and vocational goal setting assistance
  • Arrange an internship graduation

For more information on the program please contact:

FireSpirit Inc.

Teri Starr-Olson
Job Coach
Phone: (204) 990-5184
Fax: (204) 477-9421


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