Dressing for the Interview

When in doubt, dress on the conservative side.


For business, the professions, public contact, and customer service, wear a suit or matching sport coat and pants, tie, socks, shoes, and shirt; no extreme styles or loud colors; recent haircut.

Other jobs are not as formal.  Wear sports jackets, sports shirt and slacks, or if appropriate, the type of working clothes worn on the job.  Long hair should be well combed and tied back or braided.

The following suggestions apply to all types of jobs:

  • Clothes:  neat and clean, and pressed if necessary.
  • Fresh shave, hair neatly styled, and mustache, sideburns, or beards neatly trimmed.
  • Avoid fads in appearance and dress.
  • Be aware of how people dress at the place of employment before the interview.
  • Remember!  Neatness and cleanliness are important whether applying in work, casual or more formal clothes.


The following basic rules apply in almost all occupations:

  • Neat, becoming hair style, but not extreme
  • Go easy on makeup and fingernail polish - avoid weird colors, too heavy in application, and extremely long nails
  • Simple clothes and quiet colors are more suitable.
  • Very tight clothing, see through tops, and short skirts are in poor taste.
  • Avoid too much or too flashy jewelry.  Keep it simple.
  • Perfume - none at all or only a bit, lightly applied.
  • Clothing and accessories do not have to be expensive to make a good impression, but they should always be in good taste and clean