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Government of Manitoba
Disabilities Issues Office

Accessibility Advisory Council

MONDAY, May 14, 12:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

The Chairperson opened the meeting with a discussion of the public consultation event of May 8.  He noted that overall the consultation went well.  He reminded the Council that the deadline for its recommendations is fast approaching, and Council members will need to continue to dedicate themselves to the task.
The Council members took turns providing a debriefing of the public consultation even held on May 8th.  Comments included:

  • Positive feedback was heard regarding the inclusion of education and training opportunities in the discussion.
  • Members of the public enquired on using alternative media (such as video blogs) for keeping members of the public informed.
  • The event was well organized and well facilitated
  • Throughout the discussion, there was a lack of specifics on the ‘how’ accessibility is to be achieved whereas most agreed on the general purpose of the legislation.
  • Attendees seemed favourable toward the process, although there was a lack of awareness of the ongoing work of the Council.
  • Good discussion and debate took place regarding compliance; between those who favoured penalties and those who favoured incentives.

The Council then began going through draft recommendations that had been prepared to this point, with the goal of revising/finalizing them based on the public input received at the May 8th consultation and subsequent responses provided before the June 5tth deadline.  These draft recommendations will make up the basis of the Advisory Council’s June 16th report to the Minister.

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