Annual Reports

REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY: Celebrating Our Accomplishments (PDF 48 KB)

Community Forums and Research Reports

2012, Statistics Canada:  Survey on Persons with Disabilities

2011, Welcoming Newcomers with Disabilities to Manitoba

2011, United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities

2008, Manitoba Forum on Aging and Disabilities Report

2008, Francophone Full Citizenship

2007, Southern Manitoba Round Table on Disability Issues Report

2006, United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

2006, Disability Issues Report on The Pas

2006, Round Table on Disability Supports

2004, Housing Forum on Disability

2002 and 2003, Round Table Reports 2002 and 2003

Government Strategies

2008, Manitoba Access to Government Policy

2009, Opening DOORS:  Manitoba’s Commitment to Persons with Disabilities A Discussion Paper

2001, Full Citizenship:  A Manitoba Strategy on Disability