Child Care Fees

Notice: New Child Care Fees are in effect as of April 2, 2023 - See Maximum Daily Fee Table April 2, 2023 below


In Manitoba, the provincial government does not operate any licensed early learning and child care service directly. Licensed centres are run by a board of directors or an owner/operator, and licensed child care homes are run by the licensed home provider(s).

The government provides annual operating grants to eligible, licensed, child care facilities and sets maximum parent fee limits for those facilities. If a facility receives a provincial operating grant, it is called a funded facility. Funded facilities must follow the Manitoba regulation that sets out the maximum fees that can be charged to families for the type of child care spaces being offered.

If a licensed facility chooses NOT to receive a provincial operating grant, it is called an unfunded facility. An unfunded facility can set its own fees.

The Maximum Daily Fee chart below shows the maximum amount a family can be charged, by a funded facility, for the type of space their child is in. The maximum daily fee is set out in the Child Care Regulation (M.R. 62/86).

The government also provides subsidies for eligible families to help pay for child care fees. An unfunded facility cannot charge a subsidized family more than the maximum daily fees outlined in the Child Care Regulation (M.R. 62/86).


Maximum Daily Fees effective April 2, 2023

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Note: The tables above have been created for convenience only, and provide a summary of Maximum Daily Fees outlined in the Child Care Regulation (M.R. 62/86), as of April 2, 2023. If any discrepancy exists between this table and the current Regulation, then the Regulation prevails.

To find out if a facility is funded or unfunded, and what fees a specific facility is allowed to charge, please visit Manitoba Child Care Search. This Website provides a listing of all licensed child care facilities in the province with an option to use search filters to narrow your results.