2018 Manitoba EMO Municipal Emergency Workshops

It was great to see so many Municipal Emergency Coordinators, municipal emergency management teams, municipal staff, and elected officials at our 2018 January and February workshops!
The 2018 workshops were held in:

  • Dauphin - January 23
  • Brandon - January 24
  • Steinbach - January 31
  • Thompson - February 6
  • Gimli - February 13

Manitoba EMO, Manitoba Infrastructure staff, and Randy Hull (retired City of Winnipeg Emergency Coordinator) presented the following materials to participants:

Local Authorities Emergency Planning and Preparedness Regulation: What is required?
Presented by: Manitoba EMO
Notes: This presentation highlights the requirements of the Regulation. It also provides a preliminary look at additional policies and procedures that Manitoba EMO is working on. The additional policies and procedures should not be viewed as official direction. An official document is forthcoming.
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Creating exercises to meet the requirements of the Regulation
Presented by: Manitoba EMO
Notes: This presentation provides an overview of emergency exercises – what they are, different types of exercises, and why we exercise. It highlights that exercises done to meet the requirements in the Regulation must exercise emergency management functions, in contrast with functions such as emergency first response. It also provides a preliminary look at what Manitoba EMO considers to be an “exercise of sufficient magnitude” for functional and full-scale exercises. Official policies and guidance on exercise requirements in the Regulation are forthcoming.
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City of Winnipeg Boil Water Advisory Event
Presented by: Randy Hull
Notes: This presentation describes the events of and emergency response to the January 2015 Boil Water Advisory event in the City of Winnipeg. A key area of focus in the response was emergency communications to many types of stakeholders. This presentation highlights considerations and tools for communicating critical information. A boil water advisory is a type of event that benefits from business continuity planning by a municipality.
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Introduction to Business Continuity Planning
Presented by: Manitoba Infrastructure
Notes: A business continuity plan is a new requirement for municipal emergency preparedness programs. This presentation discusses what business continuity planning is, why we do it, and the standard steps in the business continuity process.
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Local Emergency Response Control Groups and Community Advisory Committees
Presented by: Manitoba EMO
Notes: The Emergency Measures Act requires that a local authority have a Local Emergency Response Control Group (LERCG). The Regulation notes that this group assists the Municipal Emergency Coordinator in preparing and coordinating the emergency preparedness programs. The Act also requires that a local authority have a Community Advisory Committee advise on the development of emergency preparedness programs and plans.
This presentation highlights the requirements of the Act and Regulation. It then prompts local authorities to identify and discuss whether they have these groups and how they keep their LERCGs engaged in their emergency preparedness programs.
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