Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a team-based, cyclical planning process undertaken to ensure the continuation of critical functions and services, at pre-determined levels, in response to disruptive events. BCP is a preparedness element of emergency management and is also known as operational risk in an enterprise risk management framework.

The BCP planning cycle identifies risks, hazards and vulnerabilities; documents potential impact upon critical functions; creates actionable continuity plans; and assists teams in exercising their continuity plan to ensure preparedness. BCP is an “all-hazards” approach to preparedness, for the focus is on the preservation of the function, or service, regardless of the type of disruption.

The amendment of The Emergency Measures Act in 2006 required all provincial government departments to complete, maintain, and update business continuity plans on a continual basis. Work occurs in accordance with provincial statute, international standards and professional practices. The Emergency Management and Public Safety division of Manitoba Infrastructure is working with all departments to ensure that actionable continuity plans are developed and maintained – especially in areas concerning life, safety, critical services, the protection of property and the environment.  

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