Disaster Financial Assistance Appeal Process


The Emergency Measures Act provides an appeal process for claimants who feel they have not received all the assistance to which they are entitled from the Disaster Financial Assistance program.

The first stage of this process involves an internal review, and the second stage is an appeal to the Manitoba Disaster Assistance Appeal Board.

The Internal Review

You may apply for an internal review of your claim decision if your application is deemed ineligible, or if you feel your claim payment amount is less than the program allowance. To obtain an internal review, submit a written request to the Director of Recovery of the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO).  This request must be submitted within 30 days of receiving EMO’s written decision regarding your application, or receiving your final payment.

This written request must concisely state the reason for the appeal. 

The Director of Recovery will conduct the internal review and then confirm, set aside, or change the original decision.


The Manitoba Disaster Assistance Appeal Board hears appeals from claimants with respect to their Disaster Financial Assistance claims.  All decisions made by the Board are final and binding.

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