Business Transformation and Technology (BTT) 

Manitoba's Enterprise Architecture

Manitoba's Enterprise Architecture articulates the foundation of Manitoba's ICT infrastructures and has developed with a focus on establishing a common framework, common principles and guidelines for making ICT decisions, development and operations across the Government of Manitoba. 

Enterprise Architecture is the set of strategic architectural principles, guidelines, directions, models and standards designed to support and improve the delivery of Government services. Enterprise Architecture provides the guidance for decision-makers and ICT staff to make technology-related decisions that support a unified approach to information technology deployment and use as well as ensuring that technology investments are aligned with business strategy. 

Enterprise Architecture develops, establishes and maintains technology-related standards that promote government-wide connectivity, interoperability, scalability, etc. and assure reliability, availability and security of Manitoba technology resources. 

As well, Enterprise Architecture is tasked with the assessment of emerging technologies, the development and maintenance of a management framework governing operations of, and changes to sustainable systems, and the development of a three to five year vendor strategy to exploit unique vendor capabilities. 

The Enterprise Architecture is a living document, that must be able to adjust to changes in business needs, technologies and capabilities. As such, more detailed information will be added to the documents to address specific technology issues and requirements for decisions. Efforts to build the architecture is an on-going task.

Section Description
1. Enterprise Architecture Introduction Provides an overview of Manitoba's Enterprises Architecture.
2. Principles, Strategies & Directions Goals and guides in the alignment for ICT across Government.
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