Business Transformation and Technology

The Manitoba Government has made a commitment to Manitobans to continuously improve the way it operates and delivers services to citizens by modernizing government. Modernizing government provides improved outcomes in:

    • Increased public satisfaction for accessing and using government services
    • More efficient and cost effective processes for citizen facing and internal services
    • Consolidation and strengthening of Manitoba's technology investments
    • Improved planning and decision making with more timely and comprehensive information
    • More responsive and flexible reactions to market changes and demands

Transformation of government is inspired by citizen demands to have a better life and provide seamless services to individuals needing services and doing business in the Province. Technology is the backbone of delivering many, many services across all sectors including health, access to education, pensions, reducing administrative burdens of front line staff delivering services, providing support and tools to help front line staff help citizens break cycles of poverty and crime and providing opportunities to improve the economy through streamlined business transactions, leaner government and better regulation.