Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Procurement Modernization project. This page is updated regularly.

1. Why is government implementing this strategy?

Manitobans are smart shoppers who expect government to do the same.  The government currently sources goods and services in a decentralized, transactional approach, which can be costly and inefficient.

Modernizing procurement will enable the provincial government to become a ‘smart shopper’ by bundling contracts to reduce costs. It is expected that Manitoba will see real cost savings while maintaining the quality of services Manitobans expect and deserve.

Work is already underway and is expected to be completed in Fall 2021.

3. What is government hoping to accomplish?

It is expected that Manitoba will see real cost savings while maintaining the quality of services Manitobans expect and deserve.

4. What is category management?

Category management means one contract can be issued for a particular category of goods or services for several departments, instead of several separate contracts. This allows government to plan more effectively, negotiate lower costs through larger purchases of a good or service and better manage contracts.

5. Is this done in other provinces?

The Nova Scotia government is currently updating their procurement services in a similar way. In year three of their implementation process, the current savings are more than $25 million per year.  Manitoba will benefit from their experience with this type of reform.

6. Will there be job losses are a result of these changes?

The intent of the procurement modernization project is not to eliminate jobs. Procurement activities will continue to be executed under the new model.

7. Will vendors/suppliers have to follow new processes to bid on tenders?

It is not yet known which procurement processes may or will change. However, changes to processes will be communicated to vendors/suppliers in advance.

8. Will all vendors that can bid on tenders now be able to bid on tenders once the new processes are in place?

Yes.  All vendors that bid on tenders today can continue to do so under the new model. We are not changing who can bid on tenders.

9. Who is leading the work on this project?

The Procurement Services Branch within the Manitoba Government is leading the project.


10. When will category management be fully implemented?

Category management is being implemented over two consecutives waves of work. Each wave consists of multiple category streams. It is anticipated that wave two will be completed in 2019. Subsequent waves may occur in 2019/2020.

11. I am curious if potential suppliers (future bidders) require any level of pre-registration, like a vendor of record?

Potential bidders do not require a vendor of record with the Manitoba government in order to bid on government tenders. However, potential bidders do need to obtain a MERX subscription from the MERX web site if they have not already done so. By registering for a basic subscription, which is free for Manitoba vendors and suppliers, potential bidders can receive free access to opportunities posted by the Manitoba government. In addition, there is no cost to purchase any Manitoba tenders through MERX by anyone in Manitoba.

12. While I have reviewed the website, I am unsure if things have already changed with the Procurement Modernization Initiative.

Work is underway and any changes to government procurement that result from this initiative will be implemented incrementally over time. Both internal and external stakeholders will be informed of any changes affecting them.