About Us

The Information and Privacy Policy Secretariat provides leadership and expertise in the Manitoba government on information accessibility, confidentiality and privacy policy issues, as well as support services to other public bodies under FIPPA.

The secretariat provides:

  • legislative and policy analysis relating to FIPPA and public sector best practices in information access and privacy;
  • consulting, coordination and support services to departments, government agencies and local public bodies;
  • a corporate communications program about access to information and privacy protection; and
  • help desk services for the public.

Our staff:

Mike Baudic
Phone: 204-945-2523

Barb Devlin
Senior Policy Analyst
Phone: 204-945-0513

Jessica King
Senior Policy Analyst
Phone: 204-945-5831

Melanie Dorward
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 204-945-1252