Lake Winnipeg Fisheries Data and Information

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As part of a commitment to open government and the enhance understanding of the challenges facing the Lake Winnipeg fishery, Agriculture and Resource Development is taking steps to share data on the Lake Winnipeg fishery more accessibly.

Assessment Reports

Index-Netting Data

Statement on the Use of Provincial Index-Netting Data

The department has collected, on an annual basis since 1979, fishery-independent index-netting data to assess the state of the Lake Winnipeg multi-use fishery.   This data has been available to the public on request, and is now being made available online.  The data, as provided here, includes raw index-netting data in Excel spreadsheet format.

As with any long-term dataset, there have been changes in collection methodology and analyses over time, including, in this case, changes in the method of fish age determination, the composition and length of index net gangs, and the locations of index-netting sites.  These are important considerations for any analysis of the index-netting data. The department will provide a formal summary transmittal document that documents these changes at a future date. In the meantime, researchers are advised to contact department staff directly prior to analysis, in order to avoid erroneous interpretation of the data in the absence of this important methodological background.

This data is being provided for personal use, and the unauthorized republication of this data, or its use in whole or in part in any published work, is subject to the prior permission of Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development.