Lake St. Martin/Lake Manitoba

  • Fairford Dam - A new dam, built in 1961, replaced an old structure first built in 1934. It regulates water levels of Lake Manitoba and flows into Lake St. Martin and the Dauphin River.
  • Due to unprecedented flooding in 2011, an emergency outlet channel was built to drain flood water from Lake St. Martin and Lake Manitoba into Lake Winnipeg. Lake Manitoba drains through the Fairford Channel into Lake St. Martin and Lake St. Martin drains into Lake Winnipeg via the Dauphin River.
  • Exploratory work for possible channel locations started July 4, 2011, and the 6.5 km (4 miles) outlet opened on November 1, 2011. The channel was closed in November 2012 as required under the federal terms and conditions for emergency operations.
  • More than 130 workers and over 100 pieces of heavy equipment were involved in this construction project. Once the project was finished, the Fairford Dam structure was able to remain open through the winter, which helped lower the Lake Manitoba water levels and resulted in lower levels on Lake St. Martin.