Business Pathways

Market Development

As you build your food business, you will need to identify new markets for your product and develop strategies to expand into these markets.

Periodically check to ensure your marketing objectives continue to align with your business goals and be prepared to adapt to changing market demands. Evaluate the distribution channels you are using to get your product to your customers. When developing promotional strategies, include an assessment of your target customer and their expectations, which may change often.



Marketing Strategies

As you build your business, you will need to be strategic to remain competitive. Periodically check to ensure your business goals continue to align with your marketing strategy. Read reports and trade publications as part of your ongoing market research so that you're prepared to make informed decisions based on current and future trends.

Consider if there are food certifications that would help you gain a strategic advantage and increase business opportunities.

Distribution Channels

As you build your business, continue evaluating your options to determine which distributor is the best fit for your needs. As your sales volumes and responsibilities grow, you may want to move from direct selling to using a wholesaler, for example.

Promotional Strategies

As you build your business, you will need to continually identify new potential customers, create brand awareness, increase the use of your products and retain loyal customers.

Today's consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it's made. Transparency, sustainability, health and wellness are key drivers of food trends. Tell the story of your food product to build an emotional relationship with existing and potential customers.

Use digital marketing tools to raise brand awareness, create connections, generate product trials and engage more customers.