Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP)

Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP)

The governments of Canada and Manitoba are working together to make long-term infrastructure investments for the betterment of Manitoba and its communities. Through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, Manitobans will see more than $3 billion over 10 years in combined federal, provincial, and other partner investments.

These investments will have benefits for people in communities across the province, including:

  • faster commutes and travel times for more people, and easier movement of goods for businesses
  • cleaner air and water
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • smarter and more efficient cities and communities
  • sustainable water management
  • enhanced public parks, recreational facilities and other spaces that make communities great places to live
  • better transportation and digital infrastructure for people living in remote communities

Click here to access the ICIP Program Guide, Project Submission Workbooks, reference material, and to submit a project.

ICIP Funding Streams

ICIP is divided into four streams:



For more information, please contact:

Manitoba Strategic Infrastructure Secretariat
Phone: 204-945-4074 or toll-free: 1-800-268-4883