Administration and Finance Division

The Administration and Finance Division provides executive management, central comptrollership, financial services, project management, information technology development and support, agency accountability and overall administrative support to the department. The Division also manages the implementation of All Aboard: Manitoba’s Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy, and leads the department’s work in the Non-Profit Organization (NPO Reducing Red Tape) Strategy. This is accomplished through the Division’s three branches:

The branches are responsible for:

  • maintaining an active comptrollership and administrative support function by ensuring that financial and administrative policies, services and reporting systems are developed and administered effectively;
  • providing project portfolio management supports and services to ensure that projects are prioritized and in alignment with the Department’s strategic goals and objectives;
  • ensuring that Department-funded agencies operate under a clear and effective accountability framework, including regular and appropriate financial reporting;
  • supporting agencies in their efforts to deliver programming and services, including the predictable, multi-year funding associated with Manitoba’s Non-Profit Organization (NPO Reducing Red Tape) Strategy; and
  • managing the implementation of All Aboard: Manitoba’s Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy.

The Division also supports two independent offices:

Social Services Appeal Board

The Social Services Appeal Board (SSAB) ensures that Manitobans have access to fair, impartial and formal appeal process for decisions made by social services and programs administered by the Province of Manitoba. The SSAB hears appeals for a range of programs and services that include financial assistance programs and programs for persons with disabilities.

Fair Practices Office

The Fair Practices Office (FPO) provides confidential, impartial assistance to Manitobans applying for, or receiving services under select the Department of Families programs who feel they have not been treated fairly. The FPO investigates complaints and mediates disputes. It also helps identify repetitive complaint patterns that may require systemic changes.

For general information about the Administration and Financial Division please contact:

Administration and Finance Division
2nd Floor – 114 Garry Street
Winnipeg MB R3C 4V4
Phone: (204) 945-3242