Gaining Access: If You Have To Go To Court

Court-Ordered Assessment – formal assessment of the family situation, requested by the court, to help determine what is in the best interests of the children. Parents, grandparents, children, and any others involved, may be interviewed and observed by a trained family evaluator, who then prepares a report for the court to consider. Family evaluators are available through Family Conciliation Services or private evaluators can be obtained on a contract basis.
First Choice Service – a male and female counsellor team from Family Conciliation Services is available to provide a brief confidential evaluation service to help families move through the court system and reach agreement as quickly as possible. The service requires a referral from the court, and although most cases involve parents, First Choice may be used by grandparents and other family members seeking access to a child.
Brief Consultation Service – short-term consultation with parents/grandparents, and the child, to deal with the wishes/concerns of children aged 11 to 17. When the court refers a family, a counsellor meets with the family members individually, assesses concerns of all involved within 10 working days, and provides the court with a report within 25 working days.

Contact Information

For online information about Family Conciliation Services, visit: Family Conciliation, or (search family conciliation)
For phone numbers (local and toll-free) of Family Conciliation Services offices in Manitoba, see the Resources section of this guide.